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Stefania Sandrelli, goodbye hurts

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It is certainly not a risk to identify Stefania Sandrelli as one of the most important actresses of Italian cinema. However, she also seemed to have come to a strict decision, which no one had ever expected of her.

More than 40 years of the profession is not built by chance, nor is it easy to enter the hearts of audiences of all ages. If this goal was achieved, much of the merit was certainly due to personal talent, but also to the way in which the successes obtained were countered, which did not affect the way he treated others.

Stefania Sandrelli (web image)

A palette that seems to fit right in with Stefania Sandrelli, who can boast three David di Donatello (one about her career) and six Nastres d’Argento, as well as the Golden Lion for the achievement of a lifetime, which she awarded in 2005.

Stefania Sandrelli and dream career

“Acquiring the sacred fire of acting” is what is often said about an artist with talent that comes naturallySometimes even without studying. This is what happened to Stefania Sandrelli, who had the opportunity to debut in the cinema when she was only 15 years old. In Mario Secchi’s “Youth at night”, released in 1961, the year he also starred in “Il Federale” by Luciano Salce and in “Divorzio all’italiana” with Marcello Mastroianni.

Over the years, he has also had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most important Italian directorsincluding Mario Monicelli, Ettore Scola, Tinto Brass, Luigi Comincini and Leonardo Bertolucci.

As for the cinematic experiences, I was then able to combine those shown on TV, In such successful series as “Marshal’s Tales” (1984) by Giovanni Soldati, “Come Una Mama” (1991) by Vittorio Cendoni, “Il Marcialo Roca” and “Women’s Beauty”.

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But now seems to be the time to take an unexpected turn.

The decision that makes noise

Stefania Sandrelli certainly did not lack success and general affection, which could not but be content with what she collected. in spite of everything, The idea of ​​closing a circle and ending a legendary career, just as it usually happens to many footballers, can only be frightening.

And you don’t find it difficult to admit it:I had a lot of fun filming Acqua e Anice, but my career is about to end. She has made more than a hundred films, television and theater and directed operas – he said in an interview with the weekly “Oggi” -. So, I am sorry? But no, I gave too much, I did too muchMy only concern is that if I stop working my standard of living will change.”

Stefania Sandrelli (web image)
Stefania Sandrelli (web image)

Sayings that can only hurt you and make you think, Given that the gains with palms like him did not decrease. But maybe it’s just an idea to say goodbye to the everyday life that you miss.

However, that wasn’t the only thought that seemed to flash through his mind. In fact, the actress publicly revealed that she exists A difficult stage of his relationship with Giovanni Soldati, Which I’ve been associated with for years:When he got sick, we got tired of each other for a long time. I’ve been distracted by other people, maybe he’s too. We felt compelled to live together. The last few years with him have been years of compromise. for affection. to foreplay. Perhaps now is the time to break up. This is true for me. it’s good for me “ – He finished.

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