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Waqari news – emerging as social hubs

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The experience carried out in four post offices in Canada is somewhat reminiscent of the ongoing experience in Italy with the project “Polis – Homes of Digital Citizenship Services”.

What does the Fort Qu’Appelle office look like, inside…

Not only Poste Italiane through the project “Polis – Homes Digital Citizenship Services”. Other operators are also trying to convert their offices, where possible and necessary, into registered mail or parcel collection points.

In due course, this is the case with Canada Post. A few days ago announcement two offices, Fort Qu’appelle (located in Saskatchewan, address 260 Broadway Street West) and Little Current (Ontario, 14 Water Street) have expanded their services as community poles. A model – they explain from Ottawa – “to better respond to the needs of rural municipalities”.

Through this approach, villagers, indigenous people and northerners will have “access to important products and services that will allow them to build closer relationships with people and businesses across the country and around the world”.

The company works closely with local authorities and the Association canadienne des maîtres de poste et adjoints to plan and design environments; These feature free Wi-Fi, new post office boxes, lockers for e-commerce, an area dedicated to packaging and an interactive directory of companies. The first counter has a post office machine and meeting rooms for rent. In addition to postal services, they also offer some financial services: Moneygram services, rechargeable prepaid cards, money orders, payments in foreign currency. In the spring, charging stations for electric vehicles will be added.

Two similar outlets previously opened in High Prairie (Alberta, 4801 52nd Avenue) and Memberdo (Nova Scotia, 1-90 Sainte-Liseau Ave.).

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… and out;  In the photo below, Little Current's headquarters
… and out; In the photo below, Little Current’s headquarters

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