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Eum brings a Marie Curie lesson on life and science to the Turin Motor Show

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With the newly printed volume dedicated to Marie Curie, Eum presented its brand new “Prolusioni” series yesterday at the Turin International Book Fair. The project began with “The Unforgettable Years” by Winston Churchill and continued with “Like a Pawn on a Chessboard” by Alexander Fleming, Father of Penicillin, presenting to the public speeches given in academic contexts great figures from history and politics, culture and science remained largely unpublished Big so far and locked into the spacetime in which they were pronounced. Eum President Luca De Benedictis has announced upcoming works in production, which will feature Vaclav Havel, John Stuart Mill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Piero Calamandre.

“They are precious volumes, because in a few pages they contain the essence of the protagonist, his role,” identified Gianna Frigonara, the official signature of Corriere della Sera, who moderated the meeting. Also involved was one of the world’s most important neuroscientists, Bergiorgio Strata, collaborator with Nobel Prize winner John Eccles in Canberra and Chicago, who shared his ideas and experiences to explain the role of the world, and the importance of science for defense. work as one team.

Good for Humanity re-proposes the lecture given by Marie Curie at an all-girls college, Vassar College, during a tour of the United States, and the one on the occasion of the 1911 Nobel Prize. The writings reveal more traits of the intellect and personality of the famous scientist, such as the way she lived the love story With Paul Langevin, her husband’s disciple and already married, due to her being a widow, which caused a huge scandal in the xenophobic and anti-Semitic community. From the twenties, with the two renting an apartment, Curie may have paid herself for it, the letters were stolen and published in newspapers while she won her second Nobel Prize. Or, again, the importance that Curie gave to cooperation.

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Benedita Barbisan, who reconstructed part of these events in the volume biography, explained: “What terrified her most was the individualism with which she was able to read a scholarly anecdote, which instead, by definition, is always the result of teamwork.” “The voice of Marie Curie – asserted Raffaella Merlini, who edited the translation with Roberta Favarone – never went so far as to criticize male supremacy in the scientific field at the time, but did so using very precise methods and terminology. It uses the self who is the scientist, who recognizes the the work of others, and she puts her husband in the foreground, but she does not hesitate to tell me ».

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