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The “moderate” alternative is growth, more space, and lower costs: the best solutions

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The “moderate” variant continues to grow. The model won the admiration of enthusiasts: more space and lower cost. Best solutions.

Despite their high price, cars are not really affordable for everyone Mild hybrid diesel station wagon They enjoy success. All thanks to the large spaces that make it ideal for those with a large family, but also thanks to the high-level equipment and really low consumption.

Audi A4 Avant (Audi) – Drift

According to what has been known since last January 3.6% of registered vehicles belong to this category. In particular, significant growth has been recorded since 2022, going from 31,454 units sold to 42,383 units in existence. In an in-depth analysis carried out by Gazzetta dello Sport, an interesting selection of the cheapest models in this category was made. If you’re looking to buy one of these models, here’s what you should aim for.

Mild hybrid diesel cars, which are the most convenient

Let’s start from Audi A4 Avant. It is so highly regarded in Italy that it is the fourth best-selling product of all time. It is now a staple in the German brand’s price list, and is distinguished by its length of 4.77 meters and good capacity. The rear compartment can hold 495 litres, but with the seats folded up to 1,495 litres. There are four front-engine options, ranging from a 1,984 cc four-cylinder to a 2,967 cc six-cylinder, rated at 136 and 286 hp respectively. Available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, Its declared consumption ranges between 21.3 km/l and 16.4 km/l. To get it you have to drag it Between 47,150 and 63,600 euros.

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Mild hybrid diesel cars for sale
The mild-hybrid diesel Audi A4 Avant is a huge success (Audi) –

We stay in Germany with BMW 3 series touring, recently underwent a redesign. It is also 4.71 meters long and has a trunk capacity of 500 to 1,510 litres. Two four- and six-cylinder proposals of 1995 cc and 2993 cc and 122 and 340 hp. In terms of consumption, these rates range between 16.7 km/l and 19.6 km/l. Available with rear or all-wheel drive, in the basic version the cost starts from there 48,300 euros. If you add optional extras it amounts to 76,650 euros.

Let’s move to England with Jaguar XF Sportbrake. Even longer than the cars mentioned above, at 4.96 metres, its trunk can reach 1695 starting from 565. The engine on offer is unique, a 1998 cc four-cylinder, capable of discharging 204 hp at 48 volts on electric power asphalt. You travel a distance of 17.2 km to consume one liter of diesel, and its price is 75,500 euros.

What are light hybrids?
Volvo V60 is among the most convenient mild hybrid cars (Volvo) –

Asian is slightly smaller Kia Ceed station, from 4.61 metres, with rear cabin capacity from 512 to 1581 litres. The endothermic engine is a 1,598 cc four-cylinder with 136 hp, two levels of torque and a six-speed manual or seven-speed sequential gearbox. Front wheel drive, fuel efficient Between 20.8 and 22.2 kilometers per liter. The cost here is definitely more contained when you go down At a price of 29,600 euros.

With the Mercedes C Class station He’s not wrong. Likely to be available in a diesel version, it is 4.75 meters long and has a boot capacity of 490 liters up to 1,510 liters with the seats folded down. In the mild hybrid model, it has a four-cylinder from 1993 with different powers of 163 hp, 200 hp and 265 hp. Consumption ranges from 21.3 km/l to 19.2 km/l for the high-performance models. Rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive costs range from €55,545 and €68,780.

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Finally we move to Sweden with Volvo V60. It is 4.78 meters long, can hold between 519 and 1431 liters, and is equipped with a 1969 cc four-cylinder engine with a power of 197 horsepower. Front wheel drive system, With one liter, it covers a distance ranging between 18.2 and 17.9 km. To secure it, you have to start from €49,950 to get access 65,400 euros.

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