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“We worked hard to get here” – RSI Swiss Radio & Television

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Playoffs equals…fun. In the quarter-final kick-off against Geneva, which kicks off tonight, Samuel Guerra insisted a lot on the concept. And then with a series that Lugano will try to enjoy to the fullest and in a carefree way: “Yes, that’s the way for me, that’s the beauty of it – the defender commented, excellently – you have to play in every game just in order to win, there’s nothing to lose. With a team effort, something truly extraordinary can be achieved.”

We can’t tell lies, they finished dominating the championship first. However, we don’t care much
Samuel War

Obviously, preparation and discipline are two sine qua non prerequisites. “In the past few weeks, we’ve worked so hard to get here – No. 28 – and now, as a result, we can’t do anything but enjoy ourselves.” Without being swayed by the past, he saw success against the same bombshell in last year’s qualifiers: “No, a lot of things have changed, it’s just different. This series is a best-of-7, so we need to win 4. It’s going to be very long and intense.”

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