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“Beans? He has the stigma of a champion.”

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The agent spoke exclusively to Sportalia about his experience in Canada and Del Piero’s future, including the young Juventus midfielder.

Del Piero, Vialli, Tassotti, Bierhoff, Gattuso, Giovinco. And many others, many others. So many to draw the first 11 of his clients. “Don’t Consider” He said with a smile Andrew D’Amico Ten years ago they asked him to create great players managed by a Veronese agent and intermediary. Answering the same question today would be even more difficult. Because of the many talents that developed under his supervision during these decades. from Dominic Criscito to do Lorenzo Ensign And Federico BernardeschiIt is A for paragraph Toronto His contribution was fundamental and transcended Niccolo Fagioli, he is ready to make it big with the club he always supports. From his villa in Custosa to Moscow’s Red Square and Saudi Arabia. From Doha to Toronto, he saw the dawn A growing movementA football that is poised to become ever bigger and more competitive. Criscito He returned to Genoa six months later, but inside Canada Its passage has even deeper imprints.

Insigne and Bernardeschi are in Toronto: Was there an initial delay or did they believe in the plan immediately?

“When this type of change happens, it’s normal for there to be different phases: knowledge, awareness, negotiations, and acceptance until the moment of mass adoption. It’s a linear process, but still challenging.”

You have repeatedly argued that MLS is the league of the future in terms of structures, stadiums, interests and investments. Is there a particular player you would like to see in Italy?

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“MLS, the soccer of America and Canada, represents a movement that is growing. Individually, the talent is still not great, but think of what the Canadian national team has shown at the World Cup and beyond. This is no longer a border issue. Morocco at the World Cup is another example. Soccer Now is a truly global techno-tactical language. Even Saudi Arabia, if you will, who beat Argentina, is part of this context..

Chapter Beans. Before the white smoke, it was practically a summer in negotiations with Juventus for a renewal.

“Negotiations either end or they don’t. We covered it and it was great.

Is Allegri the protagonist in the negotiations?

“I think it’s a decision shared by everyone at Juventus.”

After the goal in Lecce, you told him it was the start of a great journey. A week later, play 90′ and score against Inter, you were prophetic.

“I know the qualities of the boy. Unlike many good players who struggle when the bar is raised and can’t handle the pressure and technical level, Fagioli plays even better and finds it easier to play with the stronger as the level rises. These are the marks of a champion”.

You’ve seen many champions growing up: what advice did you give Fagioli to not lose your bearings?

“I told Niccolo to believe in his qualities, to always wear the shirt with pride and confidence and to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. So far he has done that very well, I have to say.

From one of your current clients to someone from the past, a champion who made history with Juventus as the center of gravity: would you see Del Piero well in a managerial role? Have you talked about it?

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“We were together for almost 20 days in Doha and we talked about everything. He is a great man and a great champion. I would see him well in all situations, I would see him as a manager in international organizations and not in important companies, because the fans will remember him for his great charisma, his He manages to combine it with intelligence, his behavior. Few people have it. In my opinion, the best champions, when they are the most intelligent, are walking monuments to the clubs or countries they played in. They are an added value to every environment.

One last question about Caleb Okoli. 9 games as a starter this year in his first season in Serie A with Atalanta. Did you expect a similar development?

“Yes, Okoli is very strong. And I really wish him luck.”

Photo: Instagram Andrea D’Amico

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