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Piaf by Federico Malvaldi at Teatro Spazio 18B

Piaf by Federico Malvaldi at Teatro Spazio 18B

On Thursday March 16, 2023 at 20.30 at Teatro Spazio 18b – via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi, 18 / b, in the Garbatella district / via Cristoforo Colombo – Federico Malvaldi Pais “Piave”, directed by Rivolta / Malvaldi and performed by Veronica Rivolta, makes his debut.

A journey through the life of the La Vie en Rose singer. A tortured story that begins on a pavement in Paris facing No. 72 avenue Belleville: less than two meters from the Père Lachaise cemetery, an hour later it lies in a triumph of flowers.

“Little woman, on such a big voice,” they said about her. From this tale, a story made of music, love, self-destruction, despair and moments of intense happiness develops.

At the heart of everything, in addition to life, are his most famous songs – Je ne Regrette Rien, Padam Padam, Hymne a L’Amour – and above all his lively and powerful voice, capable of reaching a climax of high intensity as to forget that the flesh it contains is dying Slowly out of the lawless existence. An existence that only the greatest and the most desperate could survive.

Piaf does not aim to be an autobiographical show, but rather an attempt to preserve the greatness and voice of the woman, icon of France and the whole world: because still, wherever you are in the world, when you hear the crackle of an old La Vie en Rose record, you see the streets, neighborhoods, lights and cafés of Paris appear in front of you – think, for example, of the use made of life ar rose, about a decade before the disappearance of E. Piaf, V.; Sabrina (1954) by Billy Wilder, with Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden and Martha Hyer) – And You Think You Can’t Live Anywhere Else

Edith Piaf (Paris, 1915 – Grasse, 1963), the prolific interpreter of the “chanson” trend in the period between the 1930s and the beginning of the 1960s, is often considered the greatest French singer-songwriter of all time (and certainly as the greatest of his generation). Also known as the “sparrow” (so named because of its short stature—in popular French, the “sparrow” is actually called “piaf”), and also called the “bloody uvula” (which is precisely that of the sparrow), the voice featured several Nuances. In many cases, she herself was the author of the lyrics, which she interpreted (always in a superlative way).

It was she who launched most of the artists identified in later times as his “successors”, including Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Picaud, Eddie Constantin, Norbert Glanzberg, Felix Martin, Yves Montand, Georges Moustaki and Teo Sarapo.

Despite the many negative events that permeated her life, Épiave is also remembered as a sunny, outgoing, multifaceted, cultured, and highly sensitive personality.

She is also known as the “patroness of Paris”, due to her high-ranking acquaintances and friendships with the highest representatives of art, literature, music and philosophy of the twentieth century.

Piaf by Federico Malvaldi – direction: The Revolution / Malfaldi; co-director: David Mario Le Presti; translator: Veronica Rivolta. costumes: Martha Montanelli; Lights: F. Malvaldi; attached And graphic design: Bernardo Anishini; organized: Ferrante Cavazzotti; press office: Marisa Bellamachi; production: Compagnia dei Masnadieri – will remain on stage at Teatro Spazio 18B until Sunday, March 26, 2023 (hours: Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th March and Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th at 8.30pm; Sunday 19 and Sunday 26, 18.00).

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