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“Enough with the money given to left-wing films only. Ray will make a novel about Montanelli and Fallaci.”

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The cultural dominance of the left, museum prices, attacks by eco-extremists on artworks, film funding, the Sabri and even Morgan. Gennaro Sangiuliano, former director of Tg2, essayist, university professor and new minister of culture, speaks 360 degrees and part four, against all clichés: “I’m going to ask Ray to make a fiction about the lives of Andrew Montanelli and Oriana Fallacci.” A shock to the dusty world of local intellectuals in the name of pluralism.

Honorable Minister, what will be your first steps?

“First of all, spend the NRP money well, which is a great opportunity. On top of culture there are about six billion to be used honestly, efficiently and quickly. At this difficult time, culture can be a fuel in the engine of a country’s economy. Hence there is a need to reallocate the sense of national identity. The Italians should be aware of their great history: the Greco-Roman world, the Renaissance, humanity and also the important twentieth century ».

But after the war, Italian culture was considered the prerogative of the left, why?

“It was the so-called Gramsci’s domination of culture. While the Christian Democrats occupied the banks, agricultural unions and other centers of power, the Communist Party of the time began to recruit so-called internationalist intellectuals, and it was believed that it was best to conquer the cultural world through universities, academies and above all the editorial offices of newspapers “.

But is there anything wrong with Al-Haq also in his inability to further his intellectual heritage?

There has always been a strong and reliable right-wing idea. If we want to stop at the twentieth century, just remember Pirandello, D’Annunzio, Longanese, Brizzolini, all the experience of sound, Asppa and, obviously, Giovanni Gentile and Benedetto Crocci himself, which we can attribute to the conservative field. But the left wanted to hide the existence of this thought. Suffice it to say that in the 1960s Cross’s work was not reprinted because he was considered too conservative compared to what it was then.”

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The Ministry of Culture has been accused over the years of financing ultra-leftist films with its own money. How do you intend to act?

“The spending of this money was entirely one-sided: it financed films that were consistent with a certain cultural narrative of Italian society, nation and world. On the other hand, I want a pluralistic culture. As Marcello Veneziani says, you have to break the hood. Everyone should have the same dignity. To express himself: I don’t want to replace the dominance of the left with the domination of the right with an alternative process, but I do want to add. If someone wants to make a film about D’Annunzio or Pirandello, they should be able to do it freely.”

It’s a small revolution

“Not only. I will ask Ray to make up a fictional story about the lives of Andrei Montanelli and Oriana Falacci. I think it is right to know the birth of Journal, when there was a drift left for Corriere della Sera and Montanelli decided to leave with Bettiza and Dan Segre and all the big names that gathered around his newspaper , which became like Brizzolini’s voice in the early twentieth century.

Let’s talk about the controversy over free admission to museum tickets.

“In Italy we give the museum free to minors, we get two euros from 18 to 25 and we give one free Sunday to everyone. We do a lot more already, more than other countries. To understand: Moma in New York costs $25. Do we want to charge less than €17.50 from a California billionaire who arrives in Positano on a yacht? Then, far from the right deductions, by making museums free, the same value of the structures is depreciated, and the psychological concept goes that they are worth nothing. It’s not like that.”

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What structures suit you best?

“In my personal experience, the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, the Borghese Galleria in Rome and the Galerie dell’Accademia in Venice are doing very well. Italian museums average by European standards, certainly more could be done and the entire extra economy would have to be transferred to the museums. The museum system and culture in our country can become a multiplier of the GDP. It is necessary to prepare related services that work well.”

So is it fake news that you can’t make money from culture?

“With culture you can make a lot of money. I visited the Royal Palace in Naples and the manager told me he was overwhelmed by requests from private companies wanting to organize events within the structure. Obviously not everyone can do that and ample safeguards are needed, but it’s a way to go.”

However, the Italian cultural heritage, unique in the world, is often not sufficiently allocated. what are you up to?

“We should also think about the premise of building new museums or making sure that our great museums can create their own annexes, in the same city or in other cities as well. Because there are a lot of very valuable materials that are in the deposits and they must be made available and exploited for profit.”

About business fair. Environmental extremist attacks in museums doubled…

“Sabotage is meaningless and even contradictory. Because protecting the environment not only means protecting nature, but also protecting the beauty that mankind has produced in thousands of years of history. Fortunately, the assault on the Van Gogh painting did not cause damage, but it is clear that all this leads us to raise the levels of protection: it will therefore become more difficult and more expensive to organize an exhibition, and this also risks affecting costs ».

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Ritual question: How are you with Undersecretary Saghribi?

“We have been friends with my little boy for thirty years and have never quarreled. I don’t think there would be any problem with him.

What about the Morgan case?

“To be a director of a department, you need well-proven qualifications, there are bankruptcy mechanisms, there are prerequisites that you have to have and I don’t know if Morgan has them. But for the rest, to be a consultant in the musical field, anything is possible ».

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