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Emmanuel Kiraliz, why are you out now? It was a political and radical act

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by Margherita Cavallarro

I find it universally sad when we talk more about Private life to a person rather than his artistic achievements, except in two special cases: when the subject is a generally terrible person, and therefore it is appropriate to be publicly shamed, or when private life An integral part of the message technical and/or political. Emmanuel Criales with immensity It falls into this second category. Instead of making the usual speeches, I would like to stress the importance of this. Out for the general public. Yes, because if you think about it, Emmanuel Criales is a successful man who could have continued to enjoy it White man privileges with a particular social status, rather than publicly declaring that they belong to one of the most oppressed groups in our society.

But this kind of thinking (which I know I set myself on as a trap) presupposes that in order to understandbe cross Something bad or worse than not being there. The question “But why did he say that?” He is only asked when something negative is said that it is better to hide it. In a way, this is a prophecy that comes true in the case of LGBT+ people in general: we expect society to see who we are. in a negative way Which we often hide, continuing to act as if we were really wrong and, therefore, involuntarily committing the circle.

The decision to exit, in this sense, could be Political and Radical Action Because it implements a different narrative i.e. being trans, gay, bisexual, non-binary, asexual, etc. It is by no means a worse state of being. It is also the meaning of pride: we are not ashamed of who we are, on the contrary we love each other as we are and are proud of them.

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Obviously this is first and foremost Personal factIt is a very important step in healing the emotional and psychological wounds that society inflicted on us from a young age, which always makes us feel wrong. But it’s not just about that. Tell your story and be brave It can be seen in their successes As much as it is in one’s struggles and (why not) failures, it makes people see us who can see themselves in us. Perhaps younger people who still struggle to accept themselves as well as be accepted and love themselves as well as be loved.

I want to make it clear that I don’t know Emmanuel, and haven’t seen (yet) immensity Furthermore it , It’s not a movie about going out Or while moving as he feels the same. I want to make that clear because, as mentioned earlier, these are personal matters first and foremost and I don’t want anyone to think that it makes me their spokesperson in any way.

I don’t know why he finally felt ready to do this movie now. I don’t know how he went psychologically and emotionally Title of such a topic biography And intimate. I don’t know how much it cost him to sacrifice part of his body to the bureaucracy just for change from a to e in his name. I don’t know if he’s missing that part of himself, or if he’s never looked back. What I want to do with this blog, instead, is to emphasize how important this appearance is not only to Emmanuel as an individual, but also to all gay boys (and girls) in Italy who will see people like them. can be successful Being yourself and showing yourself for who you are can be a beautiful (albeit difficult) thing.

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that itThe importance of actingBecause the more a part of society tells us that we are wrong, the more we need people like Emmanuel who remind us that there is all the beauty in us. We must not be imprisoned in the sex that society imposes on us in an attempt to outsmart our simple human being. “I want to say,” Emmanuel rightly says in his interview.Am I male or female? I’m what you have in front of you, isn’t that enough? “.

A part of the community might say no, that’s not enough. The fearful and insecure society, obsessed with including our underwear and our family. Instead, that’s enough! We are all here, just as we are, at this moment, despite (or thanks to) what we were before and are no longer. We are all something we weren’t before and we were something we’re not now, but at the same time we’re always all wonderful people And this is more than enough: it is a miracle in itself. It is nice that people like Emmanuel remind everyone.

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