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Kyiv: “Eight Russian missiles on Zaporozhye. Explosion 300 meters from the Mykolaiv nuclear reactors.” Kyiv: “Izyum torture chamber”.

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Double the Russian strike in two regions hosting nuclear power plants. The Kyiv authorities condemned the raids. Only on September 16 the nuclear power plant was reconnected to the electricity grid, The Russian army started early today Eight missiles over Zaporizhzhya, a city in southeastern Ukraine where the site is located. News comes from the head of the regional military administration Oleksandr Staruch On social media: “According to preliminary information, one of the missiles hit the Zaporizhzhya regional center near the Dnipro River. There is no information yet on injuries or injuries, he wrote. Another area that hosts a nuclear power plant is also in Moscow’s sights: “Shortly after midnight the Russian army launched a missile attack on the industrial zone of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Bivdenoukrainsk, in the southern Mykolaiv region. The Ukrainian state nuclear energy company Energoatom, reported by Espresso TV, reported that the powerful explosion occurred only 300 meters from the reactors. Three high-voltage power lines have also been disconnected – Energoatom said – all three power units at the station are currently operating normally. There are no casualties among the employees. ”In the Mykolaiv region, during the night, a missile fell 300 meters from the Pevdenokrainsk nuclear power plant. A short-term power outage occurred. The windows of buildings located on the territory of the nuclear power plant were damaged. The invaders wanted to shoot again, but they forgot what a nuclear power plant is. Russia is putting the whole world at risk. “We must stop it before it is too late,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in a telegram. In the meantime, other news of abuses against residents from liberated cities arrives: in the police department isiumWhich the Russian army turned into a headquarters, Ukrainian forces found one torture roomreported on Facebook Sergey PolvinovHead of the Investigation Department of the District Police.

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Aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched 21 air strikes on Russian sites, targeting 16 concentration areas of Union forces and 5 sites of air defense systems during the past 24 hours, according to the latest report of the General Staff. The enemy continues to focus its efforts on all attempts to occupy Donetsk region, organizing defense and maintaining control over the captured landsas well as impeding the active operations of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in some directions.” In particular, the Russian forces fire at Ukrainian positions along the line of contact, take measures to regroup their units in separate directions, deploy reserves and continue to conduct aerial reconnaissance.

The Russians – says the General Staff – They do not stop bombing civilian homes and infrastructureThey violate the rules of international humanitarian law and the laws and customs of war. On the last day, the Russian army launched 3 missile attacks, 22 air raids, and more than 90 attacks on buildings on the territory of Ukraine. According to the General Staff, the infrastructures of more than 30 settlements were damaged, including Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhya, Solidar, Belohriya, Novopil, Pershutravnev, Timirivka, Suki Staffok, Mirolyubivka, Petrivka, Berezhnhovat, Belhorivka, Sberin, The report concludes that “the threat of air and missile attacks remains throughout Ukraine.” Russian raids were reported in the Dnipropetrovsk region: in Nikopol, missiles destroyed water structures, power lines and residential buildings, according to the head of the regional military administration in Telegram. Valentin Reznichenko Reported by UNIAN. “The Nikopol region is again under enemy eyes. The Russians hit the Nikopol and Marganit communities three times with heavy artillery. They fired more than 40 shots. At the moment there will be no casualties,” Reznichenko said. , but this is not the case. In the course of his evening address on Telegram, in the context of his evening address on Telegram, in the context of his evening address on Telegram, Zelensky said that we are preparing for the next series of attacks because Ukraine should be free, noting that “Izyum, Balakleya, Kupyansk and the Kharkiv region as a whole are the societies that we liberated.” – The Kremlin denied Ukrainian complaints about the atrocities committed by Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine, calling them “lies”, After announcing the discovery of the bodies of hundreds of people in Iseum. “This is the same scenario as Bucha, it is a lie and of course we will defend the truth,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying by Russian agencies. The Boca massacre It was then extensively documented by journalistic investigations such as that of the New York Times.

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Meanwhile, Russia has sent 400 prisoners from Tambov prison to Ukraine to reinforce combat units in Ukraine, the Kyiv General Staff reported on Facebook, citing Ukrainian media. According to the Ukrainian military, “This decision was made due to Shortage of military personnel among the Union forcesUS President Joe Biden said in an interview with the “60 Minutes” program that outlined what Vladimir Putin did in Ukraine, “Ukraine is defeating Russia, but it hasn’t won yet.”

Meanwhile, on the diplomatic front, Kyiv sends a message to the Vatican: “We are negotiating until Francis comes to Kyiv I think that will happen sooner or later. But I think visiting Moscow is not the right thing either. There are attackers. It is not good for a holy man to go to the land of the killers, ”says Michaglo Podoljak, advisor to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Il Corriere della Sera

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