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“Encounter”, Review of the Beautiful Amazon Drama with Riz Ahmed :: Today’s Blog

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If we bet the euro on a movie worthy of an Oscar, we’d probably bet it face.. accomplishThe film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September — and before its release on Prime Video, it was shown December 10, 2021 – Distributed in select cinemas in the USA as of December 3rd, specifically to get what it takes to compete for the Oscars.

However, this movie does everything, really everything, not to be seen, to repel the audience. He does this with scenes that are too disturbing for many and in general with an unbearable dramatic story for anyone, but in the end he fails: face.. accomplish It’s such a beautiful movie that it’s impossible not to watch it until the last scene.

If you are severely allergic to spoilers, you should probably stop here and tag yourself face.. accomplish Among the films to watch. If you want to know more, here’s our review of what we think is a true masterpiece.

What is the meeting about

The film immediately begins with very disturbing images: insects that eat other insects and insects that sting humans by releasing parasites that enter the blood.

After such a good start, let’s get down to history. The protagonist is Malik Khan (played by Extraordinary Ahmed Rais, which confirms the talent we see in metal sound), a former Marine who has not seen his children in two years because he is involved in covert missions.

Malik is very wary of insects: he sprays repellent on his body as if it were deodorant, squashes a fly on the wall while the countless images of the revolution that have erupted on some streets in the United States dangle on the television screen.

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Malik’s sons Jay and Bobby live with their mother and her new partner, until one night suddenly they receive a visit from their father who dresses them beautifully and takes them away on a special mission: save yourself and the world from invading aliens who enter people’s bodies via insect bites.

And so they began their wilderness journey to the base of scientists looking for a cure. For now we are stopping here, but we invite you to watch Official Announcement from face.. accomplish In the original language with Italian subtitles.

Because in our opinion, the Oscar-winning movie Encounter

In an effort not to reveal advanced details of the plot of the film, we want to clarify the reasons, in our opinion, face.. accomplish It’s a movie that at least deserves an Oscar, if not more.

First, we give a small figurine to Riz Ahmed. An amazing actor, able to keep spectators in suspense, which almost until the last scene leaves doubt: Malik is only one A person with psychological problems Or is he someone who understood everything before others?

Of course we do not reveal the answer, but we suffice to point out that in every scene, in every expression, and in every word, Ahmed was able to remain suspended between the two opposing theories.

At least one supporting representative shall be eligible to nominate: Octavia Spencer (who has already received three nominations and won an Academy Award ten years ago) and young Lucian-River Chauhan, owner Jay’s eldest son.

In our opinion, director Michael A. pierce (who has Curriculum as a producer and one other film co-written before this one) could be nominated for 1st prize in world cinema: and if not as director, at least for the original screenplay he co-wrote with Joe Barton.

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Ultimately, this confusingly blended horror, sci-fi, drama and action movie is definitely one of the most intriguing Amazon Originals productions of the year, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it became the first original production video to win the Best Picture Oscar. In fact, the opposite may be strange.

Rating: 9

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