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The elephant herd heads to the cave every night. Find out the reason for this absurd pilgrimage: it won’t surprise you!

Elephants in Ketum Cave (YouTube) –

these Huge African mammal, with their impressive fangs and long snout, they are among the most amazing animals to ever walk the planet. It would be because of their enormous size, which, at first glance, could make them look menacing; or for the infinite sweetness which the gag gives off, which thins it out and makes it very tender in our eyes.

The fact is that, faced with the passage of an elephant, each of us could not help but freeze, admire and be overwhelmed by the power of this species. But how can you put it if we tell you that in Africa, on the border between Uganda and Kenya, there is one detail place Where you can’t see one, however dozens of elephants who, under the guidance of the flock leader, heads relentlessly towards the same direction?

This phenomenon has recently been observed near Mount ElgonA volcano that died out centuries ago. The sides of the mountain, in particular, feature a series of caves, including the now-famous Cave Ketum Cave. This will be exactly the destination that comes night after night to lure dozens of elephants inside. When you learn why, we’re sure you won’t be able to help but be amazed.

Ketum Cave, Elephants Head Inside Every Night: The Reason For This Extravagant Work

I am Among the most endangered species of the planet, taking into account the fact that elephants over the past decade have seen their population decrease by up to 62%. An alarming proportion, which, if combined with the risks associated with human activities, should really make us think about what actions we could take to try to protect this species. Not surprisingly, it is among the reasons savannah giants are more endangered Landfills to which specimens go in search of food.

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Kenya elephants
Mount Elgon (YouTube) –

In short, the survival of this species appears to have been greatly undermined, except in rare cases. In some contexts on this planet, in fact, elephants have proven themselves to be quite capable of providing for their wants and needs, thanks to the richness of nature that surrounds them. Exactly what the guards noticed in Ketum CaveAnd On the slopes of Mount Elgon. Here, in this case, these animals would have put in place a surprising mechanism to protect their own kind.

nightIn fact, dozens of The elephants Led by group leader. plunge into the bowels of the cave Searching for something that, at first glance, was incomprehensible in the eyes of observers. The cavity tunnels, already frequented by the Maasai, are in fact used as a sacred place; This, however, only occurs in the first rooms. In fact, no human had ever dared to venture so deep into these underground passages.

Instead, the elephants, to literally everyone’s surprise, head every night into the bowels of the Elgon volcano (and for a reason Which, at first glance, may not be easy to understand). Indeed, the giants of the savannah are looking for something necessary for their livelihood and their survival. But what, more specifically?

The elephants venture into the cave: they are looking for salt, which is essential for their diet

Elephants eat salt
Elephant in the Cave (YouTube) –

When rations and food are scarce on the border between Kenya and Uganda, the elephants have one and only chance to ensure they get the right food. supply of mineral salts (especially sodium): Go deep into Mount Elgon passing Ketum Cave. The walls of this cavity covered with deposits of mineral salts are a real medicine for large mammals. So every night the elephants make a real pilgrimage inside the cave.

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Guided by their leader, these mammals venture into those chambers which the Maasai, on the other hand, never dared to enter. Using the proboscis elephants are capable of Stock up on saltessential to their diet and livelihood. This thus explains the reason for such behaviour.

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