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Wall Street girls is a 2019 movie directed by Lorena Scafaria with Jennifer Lopez, based on a true story: But who are the real heroes?

A group of strippers react to the 2008 economic crisis with fraud and defeat of wealthy Wall Street brokers: this is the plot of the 2019 film Lorena Scafaria, but It’s also a true storyfirst narrated in an article by Jessica Pressler published in 2015 in the magazine New York.

But at this point it is only natural to ask: Who are the Wall Street girls really in the movie? Here’s what we know about them.

Who are the girls of Wall Street? These are the real heroes

Let’s start with the main character, SaucepanPlayed in the movie before Constance Wu: Actually his name Roslyn Keough, better known as Rosie. She is an Asian-American woman who worked as a waitress in a restaurant before becoming a stripper in 2008, when she was 24, and thus met Samantha Barbash. However, the experience told in the film allowed her to become very famous: today she opened a website, appears frequently on television and has become a public figure in the United States.

She pleaded guilty to the crimes she accused, avoided imprisonment and was thus able to start a new life. Today he lives in New Jersey with his partner and daughter, and was involved in the promotion of the film and He also published a book in which he tells the facts in a first-person conscience. Sophisticated crook.

Character Ramona VegaWho in the movie has a face Jennifer LopezInspired by Samantha Barbash, also known as the Samantha Foxx stage. A single mother, at the time she was one of the most famous (escort) and (escort) flight attendants in New York, even if she said she had never worked as a stripper (and thus threatened to sue the film’s authors.

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But he avoided imprisonment, admitting guilt and negotiating. Today he is 49 years old and runs a spa, and In 2020 he published a book, underlineIn which he narrates his version of the facts in the film Wall Street girls.

Then we come to Karina Pascuccithe character called in the movie Annabelle and perform it Lili Reinhart, the youngest of the four characters. She was just over 20 years old at the time, and was one of those girls who are used as bait to attract customers, for being young and pretty.

In the end, it was He was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, but later reconstructed her life. Today, very little is known about her, but in 2019 she attended the premiere of the movie with Rosie Keough. At the moment, he must be 35 years old.

Karina Pascucci

The last of the four strippers at the center of the film Wall Street girls Who is this mercedesplayed before Kiki Palmer: Actually it is Marcy Rosen, who in the gang played a role similar to that of Karina Pascucci, with whom she shared the same conviction. After his release, he never told anyone about himself, and devoted himself to a more peaceful life.

Wall Street girls
Marcy Rosen

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