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«Ocean Canada», Flaiano’s journey in a documentary –

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The work co-signed with the great writer, screenwriter and journalist Andrea Anderman was partially updated by Roy Culture.

when Enno Flyano He visited Canada and informed the Italian people. It happened fifty years ago: It was January 16, 1973 when Roy aired the first of five episodes on Oceano Canada. Black and white travel In order to discover a country almost unknown at the time, he signed up with the great writer, screenwriter and journalist Andrea Anderman. But Filano, who disappeared in November 1972, would not have seen in the air The series was one of his very few ventures on TV. How excited I am to hear Ennio Flaiano’s voice for the first time. Rai culture Proposed part of that trip, thanks Sewing work Anderman wrote: Not a summary of that trip, but a Updated storyA beloved “director’s cut,” in which the emphasis is on invention Man-Nature Relationship Very dear to Flaiano.

That Flaiano tone Enchanting Every explanation of his, every discovery of his, every encounter with some kind of disappointment, chance, Temporary: The greatness of this land d Dizziness. Exactly, that’s why we called our trip “Ocean Canada”; We would land on old friends and new people, big cities and a few islands, and Canada immediately seemed like a big ocean to us. Lost Lands. Flaiano and Andermann in front of both to tell about their amazement Cowboy Rodeo That’s one inside Science Museum For school groups, when visiting a Mormon family (you eat little, excess is considered a sin, you drink only water and milk) and when visiting a mammoth. Chateau Lake Louise (Alberta) was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway and is frequented mostly by older people. Rai1 also aired a news special: A foreigner in the homeland of Ennio Flaiano, Fabrizio Corallo and Valeria Parisi. Famous testimonials and reading his famous sayings.

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