Home Top News Roth and Beal Leigh Reliance – third stage win at OA Sport

Roth and Beal Leigh Reliance – third stage win at OA Sport

Roth and Beal Leigh Reliance – third stage win at OA Sport

Done with Third stage of the 2022-2023 World Cup on stage A long weekend dedicated to freestyle skiing at Le Relais (Quebec City, Canada). On the Canadian snow, the Swiss came out on top after two good races No Roth and Australian Laura Beale.

The Swiss athlete, at mercy today, came out on top with a display Then double full-full-full It received a critical rating of 124.43The only score above 120. It is no coincidence that the runner-up, that is, the Ukrainian player. Dimito Godovsky He collected 119.91 with a tack ahead of the American Christopher Lillisthird with 118.55. Also notable was what Quinn Dehlinger did, winning the second round with 85.40 points to finish tenth.

In the field of women A clear win for Australia’s Laura Peel110 can be touched by proposing Then lay-full-full From 109.15, he consequently kept both at a safe distance Ashley CaldwellUkraine took pride of place with 93.06 points Anastasia NovosatThird with 90.59.

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On the other hand, the current leader of the general classification is worse Marion Thenault, after a very poor jump to sixteenth with 63.63. The Canadian is the all-time leader with 195 runs Daniel Scott (Fourth today) 182. Not far behind, then Caldwell with 160. However, in men’s circles, temporal leadership is entirely present. Roth (260 points for him), cont Birman Werner (Now Seventh, 158) and from Lilies (155) The fourth meeting will be held on February 3 at Deer Valley (USA).

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