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Elon and Twitter, under Musk | Massimo Gramellini coffee

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I do not have Elon Muskbut with those who insist on mind a mythBecause they trade in dreams And the future, while the last disguise is only for the old master of iron works. with difference Senior: The owner of the iron factory has Bravery To present himself as he was and not as a benefactor to humanity. musk she has I just bought Twitter in the name of freedom, but according to financial times represent Fire Half the staff. The others too decisions Taken so far, like that of Squeeze eight dollars a month from a premium membership For users, they fall into a Logic It would be flawless from an economic point of view, but this mussels sexy with photo romantic And the creative Musk continues to propagate about himself, and this, much more than electric cars, represents the real reason why money fell in love with him, and elevated him to a throne more than rich from the planet.

Musk is not the only one Wizard Of the circulating snakes, but leader for a small group of oligarchs Technology that, having replaced Necktie With the shirt and micro-chip rivets, it takes the shape of knights of progress and goodness, blur For the charm and fame of entrepreneurs is more human than them, who have the only fault to deal merchandise less temptation. Musk fills their mouths futureBut there are days that I think represent the most evil of the gods. yields to the past. This is one of those days

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