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Kidnapped by a mob – 17 American missionaries reportedly abducted in Haiti – News

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  • A group of American missionaries has been abducted in Haiti, according to media reports.
  • CNN reported that 14 adults and 3 children had been abducted by members of the armed gang, citing Haitian security forces.

The abductors were near the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, on Saturday. “We are aware of these reports and have no information at present,” he said when asked by the US State Department.

The Washington Post broadcast the “prayer alarm” via audio recording of the Ministry of Christian Aid, according to which the group’s “men, women and children” were in the hands of the kidnappers. They are employees and family members of the organization. One of the kidnappers was able to send a message to the WhatsApp group.


The abductees are said to be missionaries from a group of Christian assistant ministers from the United States.


Chaos ensued after the assassination of the president

Haiti, the poorest country on the American continent, has been plagued by years of political turmoil and criminal violence. In early July, President Jovnell Moss was shot in his home, the background of which is still unclear.

The mob scares the naughty residents and spectators. “Breaking down criminal gangs is very important for the stability and security of Haiti,” US Secretary of State Uzra Zia, who visited Haiti earlier this week, wrote on Twitter.

The “Le Noveliste” newspaper quoted police sources as saying that the area where the missionaries were abducted was controlled by the mob 400 Maoists. The gang abducted ten clergymen, nuns and family members of a clergyman in April. The abductees were later released. According to the Washington Post, the number of abductions in Haiti is the highest in the world. Kidnappers usually demand more money and do not hesitate to kill victims.

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