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Saturday at Spazio Marenzio in Brescia afternoon jazz and photography

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breccia. Saturday April 29thwithin limitsmarencio space The following events will take place:
At 16.00 The conference will be held before Luca Bragaglini titled “Jazz’s First Picture: A Well Orchestrated Deception”.
Meeting in collaboration with the National Museum of Photography – Cinefotoclub Brescia.
At 20.00The concert will take place at the Salone Pietro da Cemmo in Piazzetta A. Benedetti Michelangeli. Buddy Smile, Tribute to Buddy Bolden Where they will perform as soloists John Falzon And Boris SavoldelliAnd teachers respectively of jazz trumpet and jazz vocals accompaniedJazz bands Brescia Conservatory consists of students of jazz and classical music courses.
The direction is entrusted to the maestro Conrad GuarinoProfessor of Jazz Composition.
About 1903-1905 Jazz’s first photoa document of particular interest because Buddy Bolden also appears, the legendary first jazz trumpeter who a few years after that shot had been confined to a mental hospital where he would die in 1931.
This image has been discussed for 80 yearsIndeed, we’re faced with a conundrum: Whichever way you flip it, some of the six musicians pictured appear reversed.
Luca Bragalini solved this mystery, a discovery that also has some significance for the history of photography in the nineteenth century.
The conference will be followed by a concert dedicated to Buddy Bolden.
The program includes pieces supposedly included in the repertoire of the first New Orleans jazz ensembles, the result of specific research by the professor. Bragalini, the historic tribute to B. Bolden by the great jazz composers Jelly-Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, and Corrado Guarino.
The appointment is in Free admission.
to get information:
Luca Marenzio Institute.
Tel: 0302886711

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