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Electricity bill rises to 52%. New estimates bite January

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First of all, here are the crisis numbers we (maybe) are heading towards. Economists Nomisma Energy Coordinating with Davide Tabarelli on December 23, he updated approximate and provisional forecasts for a possible cost increase light e Gas According to new market data, the mechanism used by energy authority Arera to update tariffs on Jan. It is clear that Numisma Energy has not been able to revise the numbers with the data for the next few days or with the new government’s decisions to provide billing.

Price hike numbers

But here are the numbers: Electricity + 52%, Gas + 61%. A baton for families and businesses. So do many energy companies, some of which are very vulnerable. “Solutions? It is not easy, because the reason for the increase is not in the hands of Italy or even in Europe: the profits go to foreign natural gas producers ”, notes Agostino Rebaudengo, president of Elettricità Futura, the industrial federation of electric companies. “As a quick measure, the government has set the right to shift in general taxes to a portion of the ‘System Fee’ items which in normal circumstances represent about 20% of the electricity bill.”

Solutions to be adopted

In the medium term, according to Re Rebaudengo, the answer is to de-ban renewables. “If we are really in the case of the power plants expected in 2030, with more sun and more wind, the Italian energy bill will cost 30 billion less. We are making less than a thousand megawatts a year and the projects are largely off: we have to build solar and wind plants. With a capacity of 8 thousand megawatts per year, then bio-methane, dozens of plant projects are under review under a draft decree that expels investors: we can go from 1 to 10 billion cubic meters of non-fossil gas. “

Taxes on profits

According to the observatory Ani Renewable Energy, only 809 megawatts were built in the first nine months of 2021. There are those who, following the example of (unsuccessful) Spain, want to tax the profits of renewable sources, which produce electricity at very low costs and sell it at full price. “No profits!” shouted King Ribodingo. “A large part of the green energy is paid at a fixed and low price through auctions, with all-inclusive tariffs, with green certificates and above all sold at a fixed price with futures contracts based on transfer prices set long before delivery for the benefit of those who bought them.”

A crisis can affect everyone

Methane is up 55% in one week. There are those who expect impending power outages or rationing and the energy security index In front of Ennis He notes that “in light of winter, the indicator regarding system adequacy margins requires special attention.” Meanwhile, the push into more widely used renewables leads to the need for 48 new methane plants to supplement production instability.
Alberto writes Chloe In Energy Magazine: “In the face of this increasingly dramatic scenario, the utter inertia of the European authorities is surprising” and on December 23Assomet (Non-Ferrous Metals) confirmed the warning: “Business halted.”

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