May 29, 2023

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Camilo Golgi Foundation, Conversations on the Return of Science

(In red color). Conversations about science organized by the Camillo Golgi Foundation have begun again. The second appointment is scheduled for Wednesday 9 March (5.30 pm, at Aula Magna of the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Brescia, in Via San Faustino 74/B).
Event title: About the nature of why. Causes and consequences in the direction of scientific thought and research.” Speakers Marco Malvaldi (ISTI-CNR – Department of Physics at the University of Pisa – writer) and Pino Dongi (article writer, expert in scientific communication).

“It is always important to spread the flag properly “And the novelties you bring into our lives,” says Enrico Agabetti Rossi, president of the Camilo Golgi Foundation. It is even more so in this period that is still characterized by the epidemic. Covid-19 has shown how easy it is to circulate false, or in any case inaccurate, news about health and all this has caused many problems. The scientific method remains the only means available to us against the spread of fake news. Confrontation, transparency, dialogue, and clarity must be the passwords for a scientific community that, however, cannot only confront itself internally. It’s essential to be able to reach the population and not just the professionals and that’s what we’ve been trying to do for several years with our foundation conferences.”

The event will also be an opportunity to talk about the latest Golgi initiatives. “As a foundation, we have funded 11 research projects on rare diseases in the past five years,” Agabeti Rosie continues. Despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic, there will be a new calling this year as well. There is a growing interest in these diseases also on the part of institutions, as evidenced by the law recently approved by Parliament.”

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