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Bethesda returns to talk about the “NASA-Punk” style used in the game –

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starfield It hasn’t shown itself yet in terms of gameplay, but what we’ve seen so far tells us something about the approved chops in terms of graphics and technical direction, with “NASA-Punk” style Which goes back to the last update center of Bethesda.

Announcing the competition associated with the game, Bethesda released a video about creating the main illustration, and on that occasion also returned to talk about the game stylistically. Painter Mike Putkos and Lead Artist of Bethesda, Istvan Baileythey’re back to talk about the chosen style of the new science fiction epic in question.

“At the beginning of the project, we were trying to create an overall aesthetic for the game and designed the term NASA-Punk to describe a science fiction world that was more grounded in reality and recognizable,” Bailey said.

Starfield, details inside the protagonist’s ship

“We wanted realistic approachHe added, “It is possible to draw a common thread stemming from current space technology and extrapolating what might arrive in the future in a reliable and recognized manner.”

“What’s also interesting is how we relate to this concept,” said lead animator Rick Wiesens, “When someone says NASA-Punk, the technical team immediately recognizes the definition and makes it work. perfect definition To give direction to the technical department and have everyone go in the same direction in a coherent fashion. To learn more about Starfield, we’re referring you to our special presentation on what we know about the new world of Bethesda.

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