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There is no green screen here.

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We have now lost the number of big names in cinema ready to attack Marvel Studios: From Martin Scorsese to Francis Ford Coppola, and he’s clearly gone through many other famous castmates, dozens of Seventh Art characters don’t manage to cast a positive eye on the MCU. Jamie Lee Curtis is also included in this army.

after the last Francis Ford Coppola’s attack on the MCUIndeed, even the historian The hero of the Halloween saga She wanted to send an unobstructed search to the Disney franchise with a video that saw her busy on the set of her latest movie, Everything Everywhere at Once.

There is no green screen without wonder hereHe reads Curtis’ post, who plays on puns less marvel (Literally “devoid of wonder‘but also’Without Marvel”) to reiterate to what extent, in his opinion, the excessive use of CGI in films such as those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe deprives cinema of the magic that the colossus of Kevin Feige would like to be its bearer.

Regardless of the controversy, the video shows us how much effort has gone into giving life to Stunning visual effects Liked the critically acclaimed film by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert: We’re sure, however, that a good chunk of public opinion would have more than something to say about that first sly exodus! Not only attacks: recently Nicholas Cage defended the MCU From the criticism of directors such as his uncle Francis.

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