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EHC Kloten wins the 11th International Spring Tournament: Hockey party at the Sparkasse Arena

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The eleventh edition ends with the final success of the EHC Kloten children From U8’s Spring International ChampionshipsMemorial Giancarlo and Michele BologniniThe Swiss national team has In the final he was beaten by i The hostsFrom HCB Foxes AcademySuperb champions.

Third place for HC Innsbruckwhich inlastBetter than the Augsburger EV. He also gotBest fan“, That H.C. Plzenand the team that came from far away, the Ukrainians in Vershina Kyiv.

Beyond the results, the event’s true success was in the outlines: a real hockey party, with the stands of the Sparkasse Arena packed with colorful fans all weekend long.

Announcement – The Voice of Bolzano

Announcement – The Voice of Bolzano

The International Spring Championship has reaffirmed itself as a youth tournament of international value and scopewith 16 participating teams from 8 different countries, for a total of around 250 young athletes.

“After several years, we were able to experience this event without the restrictions associated with the pandemicExplains the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Oskar Blüler And I am always amazed at how much enthusiasm, passion and genuine love for the sport can be experienced this weekend. A big thank you to our sponsors and to all the volunteers, without whom none of this would have been possible.”

Satisfaction is also at the HCB Foxes Academy:”Beyond the prestigious scoresays the president of the Red and White Youth Club, Ruggero Rossi de Meo What matters most is the amazing experience we all had, from the little ones on the ice, to the parents in the stands, to the volunteers and organizers. Many people from all over Europe, they have one big passion: sport, ice hockey and all the values ​​that you carry with it.”

Announcement – The Voice of Bolzano

Announcement – The Voice of Bolzano

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This year the event is dedicated to the memory of Giancarlo Bologniniformer Mayor of Bolzano and President of FISG, Bolzano Hockey Club and finally the HCB Foxes Academy, and his son Michael, Journalist and former FISG press officer who died prematurely last year.

They attended the awards ceremonyWith the Bolognini family, too Marcelo Copelli, President of the FISG Hockey Sector, and President of the HCB Foxes Academy Ruggiero Rossi de Meo Vice President of the Bolzano Hockey Club, Michael Noble.

Announcement – The Voice of Bolzano

Announcement – The Voice of Bolzano

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