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Stromboli, a rebirth between science and the unknown with the Festival «Magic Works» –

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From Peppe Aquaro

From September 17-19, Volcano Island attempts to put a torturous summer (between fires and floods) behind it, with the first “Opere magiche Stromboli”, a festival of magical thought. Comparison of art, science and the future in cards

These are the facts of these hours: Stromboli, the island of the famous volcano, in the heart of the Aeolian Islands, after the flood of August 12, will have an extraordinary commissioner, Ricardo Golo, mayor of Lipari. In fact, Volcano Islandthe only permanently active company in EuropeAfter the flood last month and the fire on May 25th
which hit the entire ridge of the mountain overlooking San Vincenzo, try to get up. Crucially and derives strength, if you will, from the magic of its volcano. Just think of the first edition of “Magic Works,” or the Festival of Magical Thought, scheduled to take place on the island from September 17-19.

Everyone to Lowry’s house

Nature and its phenomena and a little magical interpretation. Basic components to achieve a high degree of knowledge. In these three days on the island, the starting point and the imaginary point (where you can only offer magic and knowledge beyond) is the home of Clara Lowry. (From 4.30pm on the 17th in Casa Milo, via Rome), a chance tourist on the island, decides to stop in “Forever” by a ceramic installation designed by Chiara Mitelli, photographed by Chiara Indelicato. The history and legend of the island haunt each other, where Indelicato photo negatives have been modified by the recent flood. The same date, but an hour and a half later, for a trip to the Badeno Kasbah, a place to learn more via the Tarot, the symbol of the magical dimension of Stromboli.

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science word

while, Music (or Emotional Harmony) by Clovis Tesseran, present at all meetings of the Magical Thought Party, will add something to the crossover on dates. Because, through the streets and the most secret places of Stromboli, we will also meet (Sunday 18, the balcony of the Miramare Hotel in Ficogrande) the scientists Maurizio Ripepe (one of those who managed to give the active volcanoes of Stromboli and Etna) and Riccardo Guarino, an expert in plant ecology, Willing to reveal the deep ties that bind the volcano to humans. But there’s also a voodoo priest on this journey between science and magic.

From Nietzsche to Nani Moretti

Looking for yourself? It is best to be guided by journalist Valeria Montebello, author of the podcast (to Casa del Sol in Peschita, Monday 19, from 10 to 11:30), other people’s gender and by Supriya Ermion, teacher of the arts of Tao Tantra. Experiences born of an idea reborn: the leitmotif of the festival, but of the island of Stromboli itself, honored by both Nietzsche, in Thus spoke ZarathustraBoth are directed by Nani Moretti in his film, my dear diary: She is also experimental, open-minded, and improvised. Just like the festival.

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