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Tresino on the run, Bassano Falls – OA Sport

Tresino on the run, Bassano Falls – OA Sport

Tressino is on the run. Indeed, the champions of Italy set out on the occasion of the ninth day of the Roller Hockey Italian Serie A Championship 2022-2023 A 3-1 win at Follonica and a rise to 24 points in the standings, a factor with which he mathematically separated a pass to the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia that took place between February and March.

The Celestial Blues have become the creators of a game sarcastic matchwhere they took advantage of the attacking stage pushed by Mendez, Coco Capitan Howe Bento It also exploits opponents’ control, who failed to capitalize on the four available direct shots. Bassano involuntarily contemplated letting the people of Vicenza escape who, in the reprieveHe had to give way to Lodi for 3-5The team that found the enemy with a killer speed of 1-2 fell on the last lap of the clock.

Then Grosseto’s pink period continueswho put his sixth victory in the net by leveling Valdagno 6-2. Forte dei Marmi is also doing well, moved to Vercelli with a 0-1 draw from long range by Lombardi. It is also worth noting the apparent success of Sarzana vs. Montebello (6-1), that Monza on Sandrigo (1-4) and that of Viareggio in Montecchio Precalcino (4-3).

Arena hockey, Serie A1: Tresino defeats Grosseto and flies to second place in the standings

Serie A1 will return on Wednesday 7 December. Below is a summary of the updated results and standings.

A1 Ring Hockey Series: Game 9 results

3/12/22 at 8.45pm Telea Medical Sandrigo H. Team Service Car HRC Monza 1-4
3/12/22 at 8.45pm Galileo Follonica H.1952 JS Hockey Tresino 1-3
3/12/22 at 8.45pm Edelfox CP Grosseto 1951 Why sport HC Valdagno 6-2
3/12/22 at 8.45pm Sarzana innovation range Thiers Chemistry Montebello H. 6-1
3/12/22 at 8.45pm Ingas H Vercelli GDS Ambiente Versilia Forte 0-1
3/12/22 at 21:00 GTC Viareggio Ex HC Montecchio. 4-3
4/12/22 at 6.00pm Abroker H. Bassano 1954 Wasken Lodi amateurs 3-5


1 JS Hockey Tresino 24 9 32 VVV
2 Edelfox CP Grosseto 1951 19 9 13 vsv extension
3 Abroker H. Bassano 1954 19 9 4 against
4 GDS Ambiente Versilia Forte 18 9 9 VVV
5 Galileo Follonica H.1952 17 9 9 PS extension
6 Sarzana innovation range 16 9 7 SVV
7 Wasken Lodi amateurs 16 9 8 vsv extension
8 impure h. Vercelli 14 9 3 vvs
9 GTC Viareggio 9 9 -6 vsv extension
10 Why sport HC Valdagno 8 9 -9 VPS
11 Team Service Car HRC Monza 7 9 -8 Eindhoven
12 Telea Medical Sandrigo H. 6 9 -14 VPS
13 Thiers Chemistry Montebello H. 4 9 -20 SS
14 Ex HC Montecchio. 2 9 -28 PS extension

Photo: Nanini (USSR)


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