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Canada wins again, Finnish poker – OA Sport

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It goes in the file The fourth day of the tournament in Helsinki and TampereTwo Finnish cities hosting 2022 Ice Hockey World Championship, The review is scheduled for Sunday, May 29th. On Italy’s rest day, facing Denmark at 15:20 tomorrow, all four matches scheduled were not on display.

The Canada specifically announced the third consecutive victory, Beating Slovakia 1-5 in the afternoon. A decisive match in the second period: In the power play, Duckag responded immediately to the initial advantage of the warship with the maple leaf signed by Lori (10:48). However, the second active balance was broken, Featuring Dubois Brace (6:11, 17:56). To finish the accounts in the third half, Chillinger and Geeky think about it.

The controversy between Latvia and Norway is also heatedThe match ended 3-2 and the high tension was marked head-on: Latvian player Croktani leads his team forward after 2-2 in the second half. And then holding the favor until the end.

Ice Hockey, World Cup 2022: Kazakhstan falls again, Switzerland avalanche in Denmark

In the evening everything is easy and possible for Finland Defeat America easily With a result of 4-1. No match has ever called into question the responsibility of the Olympic champions with Granlot (17:20) in the first period and Philpula in the second (4:42), Mannion (5:36) and Lehtonen (10:50). . Within two minutes of the siren sounding, the goal of the Calsenky flag was useless.

Finally, the conflict between France and Germany intensifies. Germany ended 3-2 And thanks to Pfoderl’s successful sausage (5:45) only the last action was decided.

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