September 27, 2023

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Ice hockey renewal from EA Sports

Ice hockey renewal from EA Sports

We just got a sneak peek at EA sports’ new ice hockey title. As always when it comes to the annual releases of EA Sports, there are years when everything changes and years when little changes. NHL 23 It leans more towards the second group but brings with it several new features to improve the quality of the experience for the masses.

As in Fifa, cross-play will also arrive in other EA Sports games this year. “Multi-platform matchmaking is a feature that fans have asked for a lot and is now a reality — EA Chief Design Officer Mike Engelhart said. PlayStation and Xbox will be able to play together and against each other, in HUT and in other modes. You can only clash in the same generation. console (PS4 vs. Xbox One and PS5 vs. SeriesX), there will be no generational match.”

The other big news this year is the addition of the Women’s Hockey Tournament, which is also celebrated with a double wrap, Just like in FIFA. Sarah Nurse, the first cover athlete in the NHL, will appear on the cover alongside Trevor Zagras, the rising star of the Anheim Ducks. “I am honored and delighted to be the first woman on the cover of an NHL video game – a nurse said – the Women’s Hockey Championship is here to stay and celebrating it in the game is really cool.”

Cover stars aren’t just the familiar faces of selling the game – their real hockey moves have been digitized for use in the game. They are called X-Factor and they will surprise your opponents.

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Technically speaking, several innovations called the last chance puck movement were shown. In practice, thanks to several new animations, in the most tense and warlike moments, you can interact with the disc at greater distances. This will allow you to multiply moves saved in the last second or offensive moves to trick the goalkeeper.

On the aesthetic level, the main innovations are 2: a slightly more lively audience interacting with the action on the pitch and improved tracking and illumination of the skates left on the ice.

The game is what you’ll remember if you’re a fan of the series, while those who want to experience America’s fourth most popular sports will have a fun product in hand to spend a few afternoons on.

NHL 23 will be released on October 14 for the current and last generation but not for PC.