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ETA, the Alitalia brand, is back. In 2021 Ebit at a price of -170 million euros –

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The Alitalia airline brand will return after a few months of hiatus while ETA Airlines shut down in its first two and a half months of activity with a tax profit of -170 million euros.. There is almost a development, the return of the name, which will be expected in the new industrial scheme of Ita Airways, the public company that replaced the old and bought the historic brand for 90 million euros last October. This was confirmed by Newco President Alfredo Altavilla during a hearing in the Chamber’s Transportation Committee With Managing Director Fabio Lazzerini. It is not yet clear how the tricolor livery will be highlighted. Sources explain Al Courier service who – which There is discussion about use on intercontinental flights or on national/European flights. In any case, the final decision will be made in the Board of Directors on January 31.

change plan

«We purchased the Alitalia brand on October 14, 2021 to ensure the company’s start-up operation The next day and the continuation of activities in 2022, using the same uniforms and materials on board and airport spaces”, Altavilla begins in response to a question from Respected Maurizio Lupi. However, the name was put in the drawer because the airline preferred to present itself with a new brand – Ita Airways – also due to a major break from the past. But, Altavilla continues,In the new business plan, the brand is meant to be used as an analogy to what is happening in other traditional companies that have multiple brands within their portfolio. Like Transavia for KLM or Eurowings for Lufthansa.” The president mentioned the low cost but according to what he said Courier service Really There will be no intention to set up a low-cost division under the Alitalia name. Of course, as Altavilla said, There is an intention to reach the incentives of Italian airports (in the exam was cited more times different Queries From Courier service).

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Altavilla does not provide further details. However, he repeats it “We have a clear mission for the Alitalia brand to be used.”. The president states that the price – 90 million euros – is “correct”, while the 290 million euros requested by the extraordinary management was considered “exaggerated”. “We have always intended to use the brand to incorporate it into the commercial offering”Altavilla stressed. On the economic front, in response to a question from Mr. Stefano Fasina, since the start of its operations (October 15) until the end of the year, ETA Airlines recorded the following: – Negative EBIT equal to -170 million euros “in line with the provisions of the industrial scheme and despite having revenue cut in half and increased fuel cost”.. In the two and a half months of 2021, ETA’s revenue was 86 million euros: 76.6 million from passenger transport, and 9.4 million from cargo.


The issue of industrial partnerships remains open. The goal is to reach an agreement by June 30, 2022. That’s why – as I expected Courier serviceIta Airways will open at the beginning of February a data room that can be accessed by potential interested parties. “The alliance is necessary to allow ETA airlines to remain in the market, but it cannot be a front and based on fake commercial agreements: it must be proven in a capitalist position,” Altavilla said. The president denied any talk at all about stock trading. “It’s too early to talk about stocks: any speculation on this point is completely devoid of any basisThe industrial scheme that will determine the expected value of the company has not yet been completed.

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Handling and maintenance

Ita Airways had access to Alitalia’s data rooms to handle tenders and maintenance. But, Altavilla explained,The goal is to ensure competitive market prices and service levels for our aircraftWe do not intend to compete with foreign giants in the field of handling and maintenance, and endangering capital and workers.” In the two calls – at the request of the European Commission – Ita may present itself as a majority shareholder (handling) or a minority (maintenance). The company is already discussing with some operators who have submitted a request for access to their data rooms. to me Courier service result cContacts with Swissport (handling) and Atitech (maintenance). “Once we look at the numbers in the data room carefully, we will be in a position to structure any agreement with these topics, or if there are no economic conditions, we will make other decisions,” the president stressed.


One of the issues touched upon concerns the role of Milan Malpensa Airport, which has been excluded from the industrial plan for the time being. “ETA’s dimensions of market size push us to focus on the Rome-Fiumicino hub and not waste energy”, explained Managing Director Fabio Lazzerini. “We already run quite a few transcontinental roads and we need to feed them,” he continued, noting that in the spring the Milan Malpensa and New York JFK division would begin.”We anticipate any further developments mainly towards North America, but not for the time being».

new livery

the Aircraft weight in new blue for ETA. Some rumors in the past weeks claimed that the new paint was heavier and thus increased kerosene consumption with repercussions also on carbon dioxide emissions. On this point Altavilla answered that ETA estimated “a weight gain of 16 kilograms per aircraft with the new paint”, but after a detailed analysis “there was a weight saving, compared to the old paint, in the two repainted planes of 10 and 15 kilograms.”».

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