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Edilfox Grosseto beaten 7-4 –

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Impurity hockey vercelli Recorded his fifth straight win at A1 to 7-4 Edelfox Grosseto. First half with roller coaster scoreboard: Teams exchange precedence several times, in a breathless partThe guests finished it off with 3 goals to 2. In the second half of the race, the music does not change in terms of overall intensity, but the impurity manages to tame the guests, Almost accomplices in two chain-link networks. The Tuscany side reacts until they have a chance of a tie, but HV is cynical and tough and manages to maintain the reins of a very tough match, showing play, body and mind. To report the Captain Trilogy Tataranni and pillar Moyano.

Now nerogialloverdi is third in the general classification (tied to the GDS Impianti Forte dei Marmi) and on Wednesday it is expected to be in Follonica at 20.45, currently in second place.

first half: The first real opportunity is for the owners of Ojeda. Grosseto responds with Rodriguez. The result is unlocked on the Argentine axis Ojeda Moyano, who scored the No. 6, Nigeria, 1-0. Grosseto tried more than once with Franchi and Rodriguez, and in the sixth minute, on a counterattack, he found the equalizer with Rodriguez. Tuscans press with Saavedra, while Ojeda sends high on the opposite front. Tataranni creates Bercolo in Menichetti and seals on his left a beautiful triangle with Ojeda and Tataranni. And it is precisely the HV captain who leads Picciolani forward with a beautiful goal from far: strong and precise, 2-1. Once again, however, Grosseto immediately resumes the score: they do so in the counterattack with Rodriguez to serve the fast-moving Franchi. Franchi encircles Zucchetti, then leaves Ojeda and enters Sisti, and Mattugini takes charge of Moyano. Tatarani tries, but Grosseto shuts down. Matogini puts in a good shot, and turns quickly, but Ministi intercepted the attempt; Guests have a chance with Nacevich. Soon, there is a more realistic possibility, this time for Tarrani, but Grosseto’s goalkeeper is overpowered. Even Verona is not far from defending its poles: with a great reaction, the goal is denied to Saavedra. The rhythms are fiery: with dangerous actions voiced by both formations that follow each other a few seconds. Ojeda returns, to control the Tatarani; The Grosseto enters the slope of the mountain. Zucchetti tries to gain power, but his slap ends up on the side. Re-enter Moyano and Captain Tatarani. Ojeda gets hit in the face as he stands between the dangerous mountain and Verona. One second left in the first half, great goal multiple Whoever makes 3-2, sends him a pass coming from the opposite area.

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the other half: It resumes just as it ended, with teams committed to freaking out frenzied rhythms with constant foreground changes. Tatarani, while in the opponent’s area, was defeated by Rodriguez, punishing blue card. Moyano hits the ball, Mineşti is very good at keeping his eyes on the ball without getting over it. The date is postponed with only HV goal: Zucchetti attacks from the middle, then moves to Moyano on the right: the Argentine hits Menichetti for 3-3. nerogialloverdi immediately runs with Moyano serving Tataranni who holds 4-3 on the fly. Soon enough, my Zakty was distributed in the area: a penalty kick. Captain Tatarani cold Minishti with an overbearing execution of the place, we’re at 5-3. Grosseto holding a cross, to follow for a few moments, blue card Back to Rodriguez, This time for protests. Tatarani again against Minicetti for one shot: The Tuscany goalkeeper extends away from the HV captain’s wand. It’s not over yet: Grossetto scored 5-4 with Franchi on the counterattack. The same number 9 of Grosseto is punished with a blue card For landing Moyano. Ojeda takes charge of the one-shot deception and then attempting a lob which, however, ends up being high. Another little handful of seconds, more blue card, this time for HV, Tataranni. It’s a chance for Grosseto to equalize, but Saavedra hits the post to the right of Verona. Ingas is cynical and immediately extends with Ojeda to serve Zocte, who scores 6-4 from right to bottom. Unforgivable nerogialloverdi: 7-4 arrives with a superb goal from Nico Ojeda who flies far, dodges more opponents and then breaks through Menichetti. Moyano stumbled by Bhagi behind Grosseto’s goal: it’s it again blue card. Even Sisti did not manage to hypnotize the Tuscany goalkeeper with a single shot. Chances are still on both sides that Grossetto never gives up, especially with good Capella. Verona overcame the mountain that descends after Tatarani: a penalty kick. The same captain is the one who takes the penalty kick, but it’s high. There is room only for an unsuccessful attempt by Nacevich. Ends: 7-4.

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Impurity hockey vercelliVerona in goal, Tatarani, Moyano, Ojeda, Zucchetti, Mattogini, Sesti, Brusa, Peroni, Pasciolo. trainer: Serge Poncet.

Edelfox Grosseto: Menichetti fra i pali, Saavedra (C), Rodriguez, Paghi, Franchi, Cabella, Mount, Nacevich, Biancucci, Sasetti. trainer: Federico Bagi.

the reviewer: Filippo Front and Roberto Totti

Networks: 1 degree T: 22’10 Moyano (HV) 1-0; 19’01 Rodriguez (Grosito) 1-1; 15’40 Tataranni 2-1; 14’59 Franks (Grosito) 2-2; 1 inchmultiple 3-2. 2° T: 17’12 Moyano (HV) 3-3; 15’50 Tataranni (HV) 4-3; 14’52 Tataranni (HV), R 5-3; 10’26 franks (Grosito) 5-4; 8’53 zochte (HV) 6-4; 7’47 Ojeda (HV) 7-4

blue card: 2°T 18’10 Rodriguez (Grosito); 12’44 Rodriguez (Grosito); 10’18 franks (Grosito); 9’46 Tataranni (HV); 6’28 Pay (Grosito)

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