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Italian Hockey Federation in Belgium – sport and facilities

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On May 23 in Harlebeke (Belgium), an important meeting took place between the leaders Italian Hockey Federation، Lano Sports Tibout Toy. Lano Sport is the preferred supplier of FIH (International Hockey Federation) with more than 100 fields installed worldwide in recent years.

The meeting was promoted by Vannetone Sports, chosen by Lano as the exclusive technical partner for the supply, technical assistance and installation of “water” and “sand” hockey pitches in Italy, and byRoger Vivaldi Agency which represents both Lano Sport and Lano Carpet Solutions in Italy. Vanneton was attended by Sole Director Evan Breni, Technical Director Giuseppe Lopergolo and Technical Trading Company Renzo Riverberry.

During the meeting, in addition to analyzing the strengths and characteristics of the systems proposed by Lano, there was an opportunity to visit the production plant (which is divided into More than 200,000 square meters from covered area) and some Lano fields installed in Antwerp, comparing the ideal tightness of a field installed over 8 years ago with one installed last year.
A promotional presentation of Lano systems will soon be organized with the Italian Hockey Federation of Regional Structures.

(news from Vaniton SAR)

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