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Youth football, threats to Budoni players: the Carabinieri intervene

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Football and fans, the problems during the Junior Derby between Tempio and Bodoni.

Wednesday, during a youth soccer match Bodoni TempleValid for the thirteenth day of the category championship Junionsthey would have developed differently moments of tension In the stands, culminating withpolice interventionwho had been called upon by the Budoni players’ parents to step in Bernardo DeMuro Stadium.

Everything was to be born from Aggressive cheering A handful of Young devotees of the templewhich they will have Strongly insulted and threatened Young Budoni players, shout out Even against the players’ parents.

According to some testimonies: Some of the parents of the Temple Players have even distanced themselves from the group Young people overreproaching them, for exampleFeeling responds, in turn, with insults.

And at the end of the match, young fans of the local team meet Headed in droves to the changing rooms, The fact that prompted the parents of young Bodoni to this Call the police to interveneAnd Lest the tension lead to violence. For the police, it was the episode Normal quarrel During a game between children, A.J normal interference During a sports competition, theThen the volume is changed Within what would normally happen during a Competitive competitionEven among children.

Perhaps the news resonated because Surreal atmosphere The tension that arose after the clashes witnessed by the masses Naples And Rome Actually they face each other Guerrilla actions and the Tensions between Olbia’s lovers Torres Before, during and after the Coppa Italia derby on October 5th. problem obviously It starts from the younger generations and should not be underestimatedto avoid the sad decadence that so often occupied pages black newsOften , Also in Sardinia.

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“These episodes invite you to do more to help children have fun: the goal must be the same for managers, coaches and referees. All components of football must go in the same direction. Fortunately, there are few negative events, but even one episode is too many. Gianni Cadoni, President of the Regional Committee of the Federation.

The match between the junior teams Tempio and Budoni ended Score 2 to 6 for Budoniranked second in the ranking, just one measure away cugenas.

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