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Italy-Canada Forum on Artificial Intelligence, Facility for Sustainable Development

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Milan, 17 November. (Adnkronos / Labitalia) – This year, everything is ready for the third appointment of the Italy-Canada Forum, which will meet with key representatives of the two countries on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th November. And companies – discuss the role of artificial intelligence as a facilitator for sustainable development as needed.

The event, promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) in Canada in conjunction with the Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Piedmont regions, presents the full program of conference meetings, in video conference mode, focusing mainly on 4 discussion areas. : Health, Energy, Circular Economy and Movement. A summit designed to discuss the challenges facing Europe in the next-generation EU plan and the other side of the Atlantic, particularly in Quebec, already represents the direction of industrial policies such as integrated strategy and green economy and digitization.

If the epidemic in some areas is already conducive to the advancement of artificial intelligence – think about health and alternative movement – in others the barriers to its development seem overwhelming.

For this reason, thanks to the participation of those regions such as Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Piedmont, they are the expression of technological incubators and the numerous entrepreneurial realities that have made Big Data and AI their strengths, the forum offers dozens. Case histories and scalable business models of virtuous companies. Examples – Modamma, who designed Modena AI solutions for various industrial sectors around the world, is the Canadian Brainbox AI of Sam Regador, who works in the field of Italian regeneration or green building and building automation, which has been producing recycled lubricants in Lodi for over 50 years. . For a few names. Instead there are those who bring their global experience: this is the case with FEV Italy of Andrea Sangudols – on Italian soil but of German descent – which offers solutions in the field of engineering with particular focus on the automotive industry.

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The forum offers dedicated space for companies and a kind of digital showcase, facilitating recognition in the mutual markets of Italian and Canadian companies and clusters.

The inaugural session will be attended by Carmine de Argenio, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, Italian Ambassador to Canada Andrea Ferrari, and Edith Saint-Hiller, Commissioner of Trade in Canada. In Italy, Emilia Romagna Regional President Stefano Bonasini, Lombardy Regional Undersecretary for International Relations Alan Christian Rizzi and Piedmont Regional Councilor Fabricio Rica will be in attendance. .

Ruben Marco Conceroli of Società Autostrade per l’Italia, one of the speakers at the Roundtable on the Use of AI in Vehicles; Enoia’s Massimo Celino will be on the team on sustainable energy and the circle economy. Snamin Marco de Pavolis will be among the speakers discussing the cultural and infrastructural gap for “perfect” energy and environmental change in light of new experiments linked to hydrogen. Again, Franco Moldeni, along with his colleagues, will explore the possibilities for e-medicine.

Summary of the works of more than 60 speakers – The final session will finally provide a response to the discussion on the ethical dimension of AI and the role of content and equity. To guarantee. Guido Poyella, a professor at the University of Turin, and Michael Collagenny, a professor at the University of Bologna, attended the discussion.

The forum aims to again serve as a bridge between the two countries, allowing companies operating in the broader field of artificial intelligence to approach, exchange valuable information and weave trade chains.

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