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EEA, three out of four Swiss are in favor

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71% of Swiss citizens support joining the European Economic Area. According to the study, the majority also welcome the European Economic Community and participation in European cooperation programmes.

The study published today, commissioned by the Swiss European Movement by the research institute gfs.bern after 30 years of Swiss “rejection” from the European Economic Area, also shows that citizens are fundamentally dissatisfied with the foreign policy of the federal government. A relative majority is not satisfied with the suspension of negotiations on the framework agreement with the European Union.

The research included about 1,000 people with the right to vote. From what has appeared, it seems that stable relations with the European Union are the most important point for citizens in this issue. Meanwhile, the concept of a neutral and independent Switzerland ranks second, according to a statement accompanying the study.

Indeed, there is a real polarization: for 38%, the most important point of all is stable relations with Brussels, while for 35% it is the neutrality and independence of Switzerland.

With the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine in February, the EU’s reputation has improved for 46% of respondents. In addition to partnerships in the field of education, the respondents see cooperation in the fields of energy and security as important.

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