June 3, 2023

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The TV market is really full of competitors, including Sony, Samsung, LG, etc., which are trying to grab the largest share of the market, bringing out more and more performance devices with more specific screens. 4K is now the standard resolution, both for TV series and for broadcast TV around the world.

Today, it’s Sky’s turn to enter the market, which, after twenty years of “only” television and streaming service, introduced its first ever television, called Sky Glass. The public presentation ceremony took place last Friday, with an opening ceremony in the heart of Milan, specifically in Piazza Gai Aulente.

One of the main features that distinguishes Sky Glass is no modemIt is fully integrated into the TV. Take advantage of the internet connection.

The optical breakthrough is Quantum Dot technology, which further enhances image quality. The screen is actually in Ultra HD ResolutionAnd thanks to HDR technology, it delivers more than a billion colors.

The audio sector is excellent, thanks above all to the presence of one Amplifiers At the bottom of the sky glass and a well 6 speakers, including the subwoofer. Sky glass is available in different pieces, respectively from 43 inchesAnd the 55 inch And finally, for consumers who are more demanding in terms of screen size, 65 inches.

Skyglass details

Another very interesting feature of Sky Glass is voice control, which allows you to select the content that you intend to play on the TV in a very convenient and fast way, even without using the remote control. Suffice it to sayhello skyTo activate the voice control and choose the content or application you want to play. Sky Glass is actually an all-round smart TV, including apps for Netflix (which can be included in a Sky subscription), Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc.

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It will also be possible to choose a file frame color From their own Sky glass, choose between ocean blue, champagne pink, alpine green, ceramic white and other colors.

sky glass 2

It is possible to pay for Sky Glass in two ways, provided that you are necessarily a Sky subscriber: in a single payment (697 € for a 43-inch cut, 995 € for a 55-inch cut, 1293 € for a 65-inch cut), or alternatively in installments , and combine it with a Sky subscription, when you pay a deposit. You can choose whether to pay for the TV purchase in 24, or alternatively 48, instalments.