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Does keeping it upright pose a risk of serious damage? Annoying reports appear –

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PS5 It is known that it is a console that can be hold vertically or horizontally, this is practically a defining element of the console, but according to some testimonies, the fact that it is kept vertical may expose the device to Risk of serious damageSometimes it can’t be fixed.

Obviously there is nothing official and we have no idea how widespread the problem is, also because the consoles installed are still relatively few and in many cases practically new, but some Hardware experts They discovered a serious problem that appears with a certain frequency.

According to some testimonials collected in particular by the Console System Twitter account, which has had a repair lab in France since 2010, holding the PS5 vertically can endanger the console. release of liquid metal Used to cool the on-chip controller system, which can affect the heat dissipation system and also damage nearby components inside the device.

Ben Montana, who appears to be a professional in repairing electronics including consoles, would have collected a number of cases where the liquid metal used to cool the PS5 APU would come out of its seat, due to the gravity exerted by the vertical position, spread in surrounding elements from the motherboard.

Depending on the character involved, this issue can affect any PS5 that is kept upright for a long time. The concerned sources have also posted some internal photos of the PS5 that suffered from such issues. Obviously it’s early to sound alarms, but it’s also true that the solution adopted by Sony to cool the PS5 is practically unprecedented in a console environment, so unexpected events are likely to arise, also bearing in mind that it is likely that, in most cases, the PS5 is done Keep it vertical to take up less space.

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