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Terminator could be their new game, here are the pictures –

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Yesterday we found out that Nacon has opened a new studio: Nacon studio Milan. We also know that they are working on a new game based on the movie series. Who could that be? Starting with some photos shared online, it’s believed to be finisher.

As you can see below, Nacon Studio Milano shared picture Concept art where you can see the gun shop, Alamo Sport Shop, which also appears in the movies.

Of course, we can’t take that for granted yet, given that We have no official confirmationHowever, the evidence points in that direction for the time being. We just know that the new game from Nacon Studio Milano will be a post-apocalyptic survival game based on “one of the world’s most popular movie franchises”.

“We are proud of the direction we are going,” he said Nacon Studio Milano CEO Marco Ponte In a press release. “The studio grew up as a team of racing experts, and it grew rapidly, and our new talent gave us the desire to explore new territories. That is why we decided to expand our horizons and try another type of game. We look forward to introducing this new game project to the world. Our family is growing and we hope to welcome new members soon as soon as To build our team.”

Below you can see the second image shared by Nacon Studio Milano, which shows another artwork of the game, along with the same image shown above, without modifications.

Tell us, what do you think of a new game based on Terminator? are you interested? To see a video of Nacon Studio Milano, here is our dedicated news.

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