Home science Municipality of Piacenza, poll: Tarasconi is far from everyone, but there is a place for Mr. X

Municipality of Piacenza, poll: Tarasconi is far from everyone, but there is a place for Mr. X

Municipality of Piacenza, poll: Tarasconi is far from everyone, but there is a place for Mr. X

Municipal Survey Piacenza pd-tarasconi-detaches-all-but-space-for-mister-x

Katia Tarasconi: On the yellow saddle of Vespa, the symbol of his campaign for the municipalities of Piacenza, he started in fourth place. It can be said, but it does not, that whoever gets off to a good start is half the battle. The center-left mayor candidate Pd is actually in front of everyone already. This survey is supported by Piaf Digital Agency, on behalf of the Regional Democratic Party. The survey was submitted last night by the poll organizers Lorenzo Salmi And the Alessandro Vava At the new electoral point of the Regional Chancellor in Via Emilia Parma. It disturbs numbers and percentages that deserve a lot of attention.

Champion with all the trimmings

the first What should be considered is the sample of citizens subject to the survey. This is the number of people interviewed. Between 2 and 13 March, about 900 piacenta. Half of it is mainly via Facebook, and a small part via Instagram. The other 450 are through classic phone calls run by the Dimitra Institute. So we are facing a very respected champion. Suffice it to say that 1,500 interviews are sufficient to support a national survey.

full throttle speed

we come results, however it should be taken with caution. If only because we are three months away from voting, which according to recent rumors could take place over the weekend of June 12 with the final poll 15 days later. We said that Katya Tarasconi started at full speed. Travel by 26.7% of voting intentions. Separate the outgoing mayor to the center right Patricia Barbieriwhich received 20.3% of the vote, e Stefano Cogini The variant for Piacenza, always in double digits at 10.8%.

but there Space for sale and this is news even for another candidate. In fact, 20.9% of the sample said they would vote for a name other than the Tarasconi-Barbieri-Cugini trio. In short, if Mr. X, a man or a woman, is hiding in the shadows, he can break the delay and give everyone a hard time. Considering there is also a clear extra reserve of beatsintine to be persuaded to go to the polls. In fact, 21.3% of those interviewed stated that they did not intend to vote in the upcoming municipal councils.

The city is in decline and…

of scanning Other interesting elements stand out, which will certainly polarize Katia Tarasconi’s election campaign. The first relates to a strong sense of decline in the city, seen in the decline in 59.2% of the people interviewed. A sign of dissatisfaction comes above all from graduates, entrepreneurs and citizens who live in the historic center and in small villages.

Topic The future of Piacenza was felt most instead under ‘Environment and Territory’, indicated primarily by 43.2% of the sample, with the problem of air pollution at the center. It is followed by “Security and Public Order” (35.3%). “Culture, school and sports” (34.8%); “Health” (31%). Then the top five priorities of the citizens of Piacenza are closed by “roads, transportation and parking”, on a par with “legitimacy, the fight against corruption and criminal infiltration” (30.5%); While the topic of “economic development” stopped at 22.5% of the respondents.

Giovanni Volpi, a professional journalist, is the director of Mio Giornale.net. He started at Sole-24 Ore in 1993. Ten years later he moved to Mondadori, to Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, where he also served as Deputy Director. He directed the TV guide TelePiù and 2 TV. He also served as deputy director of the city of Grazia in Mondadori. He has collaborated with Espresso Group as editorial and journalistic consultant for the local newspaper Finegil.


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