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HCMV season ticket holders have opened

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Following the success of the early summer campaign, you have another month to register for a HCMV Season Pass and secure your place on the ice rink. Pre-emption is included in the Italian Cup and the qualifiers

From tomorrow, September 8, until October 8, it will be possible to register for a HCMV Varese Hockey Season Ticket for the 2023-2024 IHL regular season.

Among the main advantages are the guarantee of a place in the Acinque Ice Arena for all regular season matches and the ability to benefit from pre-emption regarding Coppa Italia matches and tournament qualifiers (excluded from the Season Pass).

In fact, the company wanted to reward fans who have already confirmed their season ticket and those who will purchase it during these days, giving them priority to be able to book tickets in advance for the Coppa Italia and the play-off matches. This can be done before the free sale, according to the methods that will be explained if necessary in correspondence with the lots in question.

After the early summer period ends, there is still a month to choose to be alongside the Mastini team during home matches at the Varese Ice Rink, the scene of the recent successes of the HCMV Varese Hockey Team.

Also for this season, Varese’s fourth Coppa Italia final is set, so it will be good to be able to push the yellow and black to compete for a place to be among the top four teams that will compete for the title.

In this regard, it is important to choose your seat to ensure that we enjoy wonderful moments together on the ice rink, supporting our colors and our wonderful dogs, symbol of sporting battles, glory and history.

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In this regard, there are still around 80 seats available in the central stand, 56 seats in the side stand, Sector A (bar side) and just over a hundred seats in the side stand, Sector E. Greater availability in the sectors behind the goal, between the Curva and the Curva Gold.

As for prices and methods of purchase it is necessary Log in to the Liveticket websitewhere you will find more information on this topic and where it will be possible to purchase a subscription.

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