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Auto tax, the news is incredible: discounts and exemptions for motorists

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Respecting the deadline for paying the car tax is essential for every motorist to avoid penalties. However, in some cases, it is possible to reduce the cost and take advantage of a small discount.

In the past, there was frequent talk about the possibility of abolishing the car tax, which has always been one of the most hated taxes by users. It is not difficult to determine the reason for this: the payment of tax is actually due regardless of the use of the vehicle which is why it is also called “property tax”. This is exactly the main difference with an RC car, which is equally mandatory, but can be activated in a flexible way. Those who use the vehicle only at certain times of the year or in a limited way can choose to subscribe to a time-based or mileage-based policy.

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Even before buying, it is still possible to get a fairly accurate idea of ​​how much to pay for the stamp duty. There are two distinguishing factors: kW and the surrounding class of the selected vehicle. Once you have noticed this information (there may be slight differences depending on the region of residence), you can proceed with the account using the appropriate form available on the website of the revenue agency or the ACI.

Car Tax: Be careful not to forget the deadline

If you do not want to face arrears and the unpleasant consequences that may arise from late payment, It is good to know the deadline for paying the car tax. The expiry remains unchanged every year and can be easily calculated even by the least experienced.

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When buying a car, the down payment must be due by the end of the registration month. However, in subsequent years, it will be necessary to move forward by the end of the month following the expiration of the last tax received. Also in this case Agency Revenue and ACI portals allow you to dispel any doubts.

However, there are some categories that can avoid paying the expected amount or at least take advantage of a small discount, which certainly does not hurt.

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who chose one electric car Exempt from car tax for the first five years. A similar argument also applies to those who have chosen one Hybrid carBut the duration varies depending on the region of residence. The exemption is also valid for Handicapped models or used to transport them, as well as for Classic cars over 30 years old from behind life.

Don’t you fall into these categories? Don’t worry, there are also some small advantages for you. Already there Different regions guarantee savings (usually 10 or 15%) if you choose to pay by localization of the bank. This solution is now increasingly also spread to local users and is especially appreciated by those who have especially busy lives with the risk of forgetting the deadline. Can Check the amount of discount Directly on your local website, where constant updates are available.

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