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Do you want space? The solution is a container bed, but beware of flaws

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More and more people are choosing to choose container bed. The reason is obvious, given that the rooms are getting smaller and smaller, and it is not possible to choose a wardrobe ”save spaceThe other huge element in the room is the bed itself.
On the market there are many models that differ from each other mainly for the presented opening systems. Let’s see what but, above all, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a container bed.

Templates for every need

Before evaluating the advantages or disadvantages of container beds, it is important to know models on the market. Whether single or double, there are different opening systems:

  • horizontal opening: The bed and mattress are raised horizontally, moreover there is plenty of space because you can also use the bed under the headboard
  • Slanted hole: The base and mattress in this case are tilted with a slight manual pressure. Compared to the horizontal space, there is less space available because the area near the headboard is occupied by the bed
  • easy unlock: In this case, the opening takes place in two stages. In the first part there is an inclined hole, with the second step instead, the grid returns to a horizontal position, this way it is easier to take the contents inside
  • lower drawers: The bed does not raise but extra space is obtained from the drawers under the mattress. The advantage of this model is that it is easy to open, but has less space


Whatever the model, when we choose a container bed, the advantages are:

  • Available space: It is the most important feature and it is what motivates us to choose this model. Inside we can store bed linen, clothes or change of season
  • organized environment: Even if it guarantees extra space, the latter is limited, so a storage bed has the advantage of keeping everything tidy and close at hand.
  • functional: The model is practical, versatile and adapts to any type of mattress. In addition, this type of bed is available in different sizes to meet all our needs
  • the operation: In particular, a horizontal bed allows you to comfortably arrange the bed without bending over
  • healthy: The container is insulated from the outside, meaning that its contents remain clean


A storage bed has many advantages, but there are downsides to consider before buying it:

  • Not easy to clean: The bed frame has no legs, but it rests directly on the floor, so cleaning under the bed is not easy
  • dust accumulation: Being close to the ground, dust can easily creep in, so it is better to keep the things inside in boxes or bags

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