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Environmental Rewards and Mobile Rewards 2022: Are They Compatible?

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Both the environmental bonus and the mobile bonus have been extended through 2024, and with respect to both, the Revenue Agency has provided some clarification regarding the compatibility of tax deductions. Let’s see what he said about her.

L ‘ecobonus Consists of a tax deduction equal to 65 percent on expenses incurred for Energy rehabilitationwhile the Mobile Rewards It is also about a tax deduction but of 50 percent for the purchase of new furniture and appliances. Both features have been extended through 2024.

Recently, the official magazine of Inland Revenue, FiscoOggi clarified the question regarding Compatibility of the two allowances. Let’s see together what the authority said in this regard.

Environmental Rewards and Mobile Rewards 2022: Compatibility

Boiler water heater with radiator and sink

A taxpayer turned to the revenue agency’s online magazine, FiscoOggi, to ask if he ecobonus And the Mobile Rewards They are compatible. The question is specifically about boiler replacement.

In fact, you are entitled to an environmental bonus for the purchase and installation Condensing boilers of at least energy classat a maximum cost of 30 thousand euros.

As the Revenue Agency explained, Mobile phone bonus can also not be used In cases where interventions aimed at saving energy have been implemented and in which a discount of 65% has been used.

In fact, the mobile phone bonus can only be requested by taxpayers who have implemented interventions with Renewal Bonus 50%.

Mobile Rewards 2022: How it works

Kitchen- g7b0af3e28_1920

The Additional furniture and appliances Consists of 50% deduction from personal income tax About the expenses incurred December 31, 2024 To buy New furniture and appliances:

  • elegant no less than a to ovens;
  • From E class. for Washing machines, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers;
  • From F . class to Refrigerators and Freezers.
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At the same time, it is necessary to check Building renovation interventions As of January 1 of the year prior to the purchase of merchandise.

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