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I found a bug in the famous ladder jump, but it’s blasphemy for fans –

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Metal Gear Solid 3 It is famous for many reasons, but one of them is staircase scene, where the player has to make a long climb. It’s a poetic and lovable moment, but it’s definitely not a sprinter’s moment. Now, the player has found a file flaw to skip the section. But for fans, this is considered blasphemy.

you can see the video Show the moves to be made below, shared by user @apel__. The sequence requires making a whole series of very precise movements, mainly related to the menu and consumables. The Metal Gear Solid 3 hero eventually puts himself in T-Pose and in an instant is “thrown” up. This way, you can avoid doing the climb entirely.

Despite that, for many fans, this scene is one of the best in the game, and they’re clearly screaming at their jokes. Rowing In ResetEra. Some users say for example: “Why would you want to skip the best coach in the game?” , or “I’m now against bugs in sprints”, but also “Running over the limit” and “Delete this thread, this video and all its memories”.

you can see the original sequence From the Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater scale in the video below.

Tell us what do you think? Should this spectacle also be experienced in fast racing?

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