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“My last happy moment? In bed with my partner.”

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Keanu Reeves recently answered a series of questions regarding his last moment of happiness, his last recurring dream and much more.

During an interview to be published in full this week by People magazine, A.J Keanu Reeves asked to talk about it The last moment of happiness: Needless to say, the John Wick star gave one of his typical responses, full of the humanity we’re so used to now.

Two days ago with my loveReeves responded by referring to his longtime partner, artist Alexandra Grant.We were in bed. We were connected. We smiled and laughed and laughed. We felt great. He was really having that moment with her. “

The actor went on to answer a number of similar questions, such as the last time he danced: “At a friend’s wedding about eight months ago. Sometimes I’m the first to jump on the track while sometimes I need convincing. Last recurring dream:I have had recurring nightmares, but they are too scary to describe. It’s always fun to fly in dreams, isn’t it? I’m glad I have the ability to do this anywhere. It is really extraordinary. “

Last game played:I played chess. It is a competitive game. I’m only good with those who can’t play.Last time he saw the sunrise:Recently I was traveling in Japan and saw the sunrise in Kyoto. These are always amazing sunrises, you stop and think how lucky we are to be hereKeanu Reeves concluded.

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