May 29, 2023

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Free Gasoline Bonus, the newest supermarket gimmick

The cost of gasoline pushes everyone to find solutions to saving: here are several hypotheses, including those of the supermarket.


argument gasoline and its high price, It is definitely among the most popular in recent weeks. Such as the prices , A stark result of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the Italians returned to dealing with expensive fuel, due to a record increase that set growth beyond 2 euros per liter. as if Dear Bills And the associated increase in electricity costs as well as the increase in prices on basic needs (Bread, above all), here that even gasoline becomes a very expensive expense and above all, especially in some places, is inevitable. And so everyone is trying to find solutions to pay less for gasoline or even get it fuel vouchers To make gasoline at no cost.

Gasoline at no cost, how is this possible?


The answer is yes. Many companies that operate a refueling service allow you to start loyalty cards to their customers, from which they can collect points And get rewards in the future Money. Among the prizes in some cases there are some good ones Free petrol. Which in some cases can go as far as recharging the car for 50 euros, which is not cheap these days. There are also lower rewards, such as refilling your tank for 10-20-30 euros. The solutions are not enough and here they are recorded Surveys Which later allows you to win Gasoline bonus: A tool that allows you to connect the user and the company with whom you want to create trust and trust.

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Petrol rewards are also coming to supermarkets


Some supermarkets They made collection points available that were enriched with expenses and purchases themselves paper devotion, They allow you to get rewards such as petrol vouchers. In this case, users will have to buy, and when they reach the rewards, they will have to redeem them so they can go to the petrol pump and recharge”Free”. The more you buy, the more fuel you get.