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Diesel engines, opinion polls on Suzuki in Europe – News

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Suzuki is being targeted by European jurisdictions for diesel emissions. The searches – conducted in three European countries, Germany, Italy and Hungary – aim to collect data and documents to check whether emissions data on diesel engines equipped with some models have been tampered with through the use of unauthorized devices. The devices are allegedly made in Italy and assembled in Hungary at a Japanese collective factory. The news was released by Eurojust, the European Union’s judicial cooperation unit, which is assisting authorities in Germany, Italy and Hungary in the operation. Searches, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt, are carried out in Italy by the Turin Police and Guardi Finance in Turin and Milan. The goal, as Eurojust explains, is to obtain documents, data and correspondence. The collected information will then be analyzed by the respective jurisdictions. The Japanese automaker is based in Europe in Germany – and Eurojust says – you should be aware that starting in 2018, diesel engines were equipped with devices to “beautify” emissions. The detailed searches relate to the commercial offices of Bensheim and Heidelberg in Germany, Corbetta (Milan) in Italy and Esztergom in Hungary. In addition to the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office in Germany, the Hessen Police are involved in the investigation and the Komarum-Estergüm County Police in Hungary. Fca Italia supplied Suzuki with the engines and Marelli with the control unit that manages engine emissions. “Fca Italia – Comments Stellantis – has been informed of a request to provide information and documentation in connection with further investigations by the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor in relation to the use of supposedly unacceptable emissions control software in diesel engines supplied to Suzuki. This follows from investigations into similar allegations conducted in 2020. The company will continue to fully cooperate in the investigation.” Marilli did not comment in detail, but confirms “full cooperation with the authorities in her investigation. Marilli is convinced that she has always acted in full compliance with the regulations.” The company had already answered a questionnaire about the European Union’s emissions regime in 2016, to verify that all activities complied with the rules.

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