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the movie. Giovanna Taviani in Messina to present the Sicilian “cunti”.

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The film “Cúntami” will be shown at Lux Cinemas on Monday, January 30, in the presence of director and actor Gaspare Balsamo, and on February 2.

Messina – Giovanna Taviani In Messina to present the award-winning “Cuntami”. Hymn to the Sicilian Gods female genitalia Epic oral stories in five iconic places on the island. to me Cinema Lux The film will be shown on Monday, January 30, with the premiere of Messina in the presence of the director and actor Gaspare Balsamo. After the Special Prize at Nastri d’Argento in the “Docufilm” section and the SNGCI Jury Prize for the section #Frame Italy at the festival Look elsewhere“Cúntami” by Giovanna Taviani also arrives in Messina thanks to Cineforum Orion. Part of the 60th Film Season of the Historical Society of Messina, the film will be shown on Monday 30 January and Thursday 2 February at Lux Cinemas, at 4.30pm, 6:30pm and 8:30pm. The screenings will take place on Monday, January 30, in the presence of director and actor Gaspare Balsamo, who will entertain the audience at the end of the screening for a moment to study the film.

sequence of “Cuntami”

“Cùntami” is the deeply personal journey of director Giovanna Taviani, daughter of the director Vittorio and granddaughter of Paolo Taviani, in Sicily in search of new oral narrators rooted in the epic who narrate our present in a way that reinterprets the myth by proposing it as a contemporary interpretive key. Cùntami’s journey begins in Palermo and touches, as expected, five emblematic places in Sicily, each linked to a story and a great Sicilian oral narrator. in the movie Vincent Perrotta Betrayed by the land he loves, Orlando Furioso plays the Triangle of Death, Sicily. Gaspare Balsamo Among the abandoned tuna fisheries and the windmills of Colcasi, it tells of the meeting between Don Quixote and Peppino Impastato and the struggle against the windmills.

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30 dates for the Cineforum Orione season

Among the heroes promise me also Giovanni Calcagno, Mario Encodinsinger-songwriter and composer of the film’s music, H Joseph Latif Jarallah in the guise of Sancho Panza. All “students” of Mimmo Cuticchio, the last surviving puppeteer and puppeteer, and founder of the “Figli d’Arte Cuticchio” association in 1977.
In general, the Cineforum Orione film season includes 30 dates divided into two sessions of screenings. The subscription campaign is underway plan Available online at websites .

All performances take place with the intervention of the Ministry of Culture and the Region of Sicily – the Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity and the Department of Tourism, Sports and Leisure – and with the free sponsorship of FICC (Italian Federation of Cinematographic Circles), the reality of which
Cineforum Orione commits itself.

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