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The arrival of Christmas is now associated with various promotional initiatives on the video game front, among which the most popular is, at this point, the advent calendar (and not only, since it lasts even after December 25th) Epic Games Store, which gives games to users every day. It is clear that the aim of the initiative is to give great visibility to the Epic Games Store and increase activity on the platform, possibly expanding its base with the arrival of new users or at least stimulating the return of users who are already registered and who are only logged in. To redeem the free game in question. Until this Christmas 2022 we are seeing a great deal of free games For everyone, however, doubt remains aboutmaneuver effectiveness in the question.

Despite the large amount of games that were offered, the overall feeling towards the Epic Games Store and especially the launcher connected to the store still didn’t seem positive. This year the company has focused on titles that may not make a huge impact for a large part of the time, but Death Stranding has arrived at Christmas, which certainly makes for a nice gift for everyone, however it’s hard to tell if these efforts are worth it then. Get convenient cheap payouts for Epic games. Given also the widespread prevalence of initiatives of this kind, in many cases we are limited to redeeming offers and not even starting the games in question, or not even starting the download. In essence, all these gifts are often limited to adding to the massive backlog each player already carries on their shoulders and nothing more, let alone changing one’s opinion on another.

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We don’t have official data yet for 2022, but user spending totaled $840 million last year, up 20% from the previous year. During 2021, a total of 89 free games were offered, worth $2,120 and a total of 765 million games on offer were replaced, with a significant peak during the Christmas period only. It is likely that similar results will be achieved for this year as well, but it is not easy to understand whether the investment is producing results in line with the amount spent. On the other hand, the main competitor, which is Steam, absolutely does not need to resort to anything like that in order to achieve significantly superior results.

Obviously, the sample here is certainly small but could be indicative: How does Epic Games Store free games affect you? They have you Convinced to use the platform Also to buy stock at full price or take advantage of discounts? And from this question arises another question as well: How many of these games obtained through these initiatives are actually downloaded and played, and how many are inevitably forgotten in digital libraries, buried in an ever more oppressive backlog?

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