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The city of Milan in Famagusta opens a free co-working space for workers and students

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In the recent building designed by Gio Ponti in Milan, Torre San Vigilio 1 in Famagusta, Free training, guidance and joint work center, with the aim of training about 10,000 young people annually and offering events and workshops open to the public and in particular to the neighborhood. We’re talking about the “Randstad Box,” a 1,700-square-meter space that Randstad opened on Tuesday inside the building built in 1971 and recently redeveloped by DeA Capital Real Estate Sgr, which owns it.

The Randstad Box aims to be a co-learning space, where young people and not only can refresh their skills by participating in a training course, receive guidance on job market opportunities, work in a creative environment, and join a community of students and workers. in space based onIts Tech Talent FactoryPost-diploma higher education school promoted by Randstad for job placement of technological profiles, All Randstad Academycourses created with companies based on market needs (in person and online) and a wide range of Training courses Accessible to everyone.

Many activities will be freeas well Co-working, where you can go to study or work for freeBy reserving one of the stations (starting from May 20).

Among the first courses planned are courses on technical subjects for young people between the ages of 18 and 25, courses on soft skills, and continuing training academies. “Box is a co-learning space – explained Fabio Costantini, CEO of Randstad HR Solutions – a place for mentoring, training and discovery, where people can learn and exchange ideas. We intend to build a “House of Talents” where students and professionals can build their future. But also a place to live for young people, and not only, with events and activities to meet supply and demand, energized by a society open to all.”

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«The world of work is changing at an intense pace, constantly presenting us with new challenges that require new skills – adds Alicia Capello, Milan Economic Development Consultant. Training and continuous updating are the real key to keeping up with the times, not only for access to the world of work or for reintegration, but also for Professional growth, so that a new work culture can be created through which failure to meet supply and demand, which today represents a serious problem in our country, can be overcome. This academic year, Randstad promoted induction measures for 5,000 high school students in Lombardy.

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