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One Certificate 2022: News and Expiry

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The deadline for sending the 2022 Single Certificate is March 16, 2022: This is an important novelty as the CUD has undergone significant changes. Let’s see together how to configure the new specific version, which was approved on January 14 by the Revenue Agency.

The government has pledged to take out One new certificate, also called CUDfor 2022. The new model was final agreed with savingrevenue agencyJanuary 14, 2022 new shapes It is not excluded from Ads, starting from the date on which it must be delivered: no later than March 16, 2022.

Let’s analyze together the question of the novelty of the new individual certification.

One Certificate 2022: what documents does it consist of?

revenue agency

The main novelty is given by the documents that make up the new certificate. We remind you that this “electronic flow” to send to the Agency By March 16, 2022, it must consist of:

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  • Interface Where information on the type of communication, the data of the substitute, the data on the representative who signed the communication, the signature of the communication and the commitment to the electronic submission are reported;
  • Computed tomography framework which contains information regarding the electronic receipt of data on Forms 730-4 provided by the Revenue Agency;
  • One certificate 2022 Where tax and social security data related to employee certificates, tax and absorption assistance and self-employment certificates, various commissions and income, as well as tax data on income certificates related to short leases are reported.
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2022 Individual Certificate: Here’s the news

revenue agency

Now let’s see what a file Ads brought by the introduction of the new model. According to the text approved by the Revenue Agency, the new features are:

  • Tax reduction increased to €609.50 For the benefit of employees of the “Security Sector”;
  • the new Privileges provides for the total fertility rate in the case of cooperatives made up of workers of companies in difficulty and for the services of bilateral solidarity funds of ordinary and cooperative credit and Poste Italiane Spa;
  • A reference to early settlement New Social Security for Employment (NASPI).

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