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Whatsapp Find out who blocked you: the new way that’s super fast

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Find out if someone blocked you – Newsby

WhatsApp, find out who blocked you with this new, very fast way: here’s how to do it, and it’s very easy to do.

The year 2023 is expected to be a truly news-filled year The WhatsAppIt is an app that is constantly getting the attention of many users around the world due to its usage and popularity; Year after year, the application with the green phone icon has become a reference point for immediate daily communication in any area of ​​our lives, being updated more and more with new features also to meet user needs.

Whatsapp blocked you
Find out if someone blocked you – Newsby

In recent months, there have been many rumors about possible new features, from tests on a new video call to the possibility of embedding the e-commerce platform directly into the app; Sure, we’ll know more in the coming months, but in the meantime a method has surfaced on the web that allows you to quickly and easily Find out who blocked you. How do you do? It’s very simple, there it is.

WhatsApp, among many new features and more

Certainly 2022 has ended brilliantly for the application, which, after conquering the latest added features, is already ready to show itself in the future, even if many smartphones have to say goodbye altogether to WhatsApp; Being so outdated, Meta decided not to invest anymore for updates. In any case, users do not miss out on having a smartphone, with WhatsApp now practically ubiquitous on phones; Since the application is used in different contexts, it is not uncommon for some users to decide to block another application in a very simple way. Actually, that’s enough Go to the “More” option and finally to “Block”, While if we do not want to show clearly that we are not interested in chatting with a person, we can silence the chat and archive it directly, so that his messages will not reach but it will not be clear. But How do we do, on the other hand, to understand if someone has already blocked us? This is the easy way to find out.

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Here’s how to quickly and easily find out if you’ve been banned

As reported by, there are several elements to understand at first glance if a person has blocked us less: at first sight already, as the company itself suggests, if we block a contact we cannot see No profile picture, no date and time of last access. Moreover, we can’t add it to group chats or start a video call.

Whatsapp blocked you
The obvious signs to understand if you have been blocked are – Newsby

So understanding if someone has blocked us is very easy; In addition, we can also do message proofing, ie Send a message and see what kind of ticks appear. In our block, not only does the screen’s typical double blue check appear, but not even the normal check; If all of these tests exist together, we can only accept the decision of the other contact who has decided to block us.

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